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Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Abernethy Dr. Eleanor Abernethy Assistant Professor 4811  
Photo of MAJAdams MAJ Jerrod Adams Instructor 5621  
Photo of LTCAdams LTC Lamar Adams Assistant Professor 3605  
Photo of Dr.Arney Dr. Chris Arney Professor of Mathematics 4429  
Photo of Dr.Bell Dr. Jocelyn Bell Assistant Professor 0980  
Photo of Dr.Benson Dr. Patrice Benson Assistant Professor 2037  
Photo of MAJChaney MAJ Alex Chaney Math Analyst 5168  
Photo of MAJCharbonneau MAJ Peter Charbonneau Assistant Professor 3073  
Photo of CPTChristian CPT Ashlie Christian Instructor 2046  
Photo of MAJComeaux MAJ Aris Comeaux Instructor 2530  
Photo of FRCosta FR Gabriel Costa Professor of Mathematics 5625  
Photo of MAJCrofford MAJ Ira Crofford Instructor 5621  
Photo of LTCCrow LTC Mason Crow Assistant Professor 4010  
Photo of Dr.Cummins Dr. Desmond Cummins Assistant Professor 1747  
Photo of MAJDeb MAJ Ashok Deb Instructor 7460  
Photo of Dr.Farlow Dr. Kasie Farlow Assistant Professor 8132  
Photo of MAJFindlay MAJ Mike Findlay Assistant Professor 8135  
Photo of Dr.Fletcher Dr. Hilary Fletcher Assistant Professor 4252  
Photo of Ms.Fortino Ms. Susan Fortino Department Head Secretary 5315  
Photo of Dr.Gatewood Dr. James Gatewood Assistant Professor 0202  
Photo of CPTGeisler CPT Trent Geisler Instructor 3451  
Photo of MAJGiordano MAJ Michael Giordano Instructor 2654  
Photo of COLGlen COL Andrew Glen Academy Professor, Professor of Statistics 5988  
Photo of LTCGoethals LTC Paul Goethals Assistant Professor 5619  
Photo of MAJGohlich MAJ David Gohlich Instructor 5987  
Photo of Dr.Harris Dr. Pamela Harris Assistant Professor 6729  
Photo of COLHartley COL Tina Hartley Academy Professor; Assistant Professor 2276  
Photo of COLHorton COL Steven Horton Professor of Operations Research and Acting Department Head 5870  
Photo of MAJHoward MAJ Nick Howard Instructor 5620  
Photo of Dr.Hromadka Dr. Theodore Hromadka Professor of Mathematics 2036  
Photo of CPTIngram CPT Elijah Ingram Instructor 6419  
Photo of LTCJackson LTC Heather Jackson Assistant Professor 0981  
Photo of LTCJackson LTC John Jackson Assistant Professor 3322  
Photo of LTCJohnson LTC Anthony Johnson Academy Professor, Assistant Professor 7685  
Photo of COLKobylski COL Gerald Kobylski Academy Professor, Associate Professor 5608  
Photo of Dr.Kubik Dr. Bethany Kubik Assistant Professor 2719  
Photo of LTCLaporte LTC Jake Laporte Assistant Professor 7436  
Photo of MAJLavalle-Rivera MAJ Joseph Lavalle-Rivera Instructor 0209  
Photo of CPTLayton CPT Julie Layton Instructor 8136  
Photo of MAJLee MAJ Andrew Lee Instructor 5419  
Photo of MAJLevine MAJ Charles Levine Assistant Professor 8136  
Photo of Dr.Lowrance Dr. Lisa Lowrance Assistant Professor 5611  
Photo of Dr.Macdonald Dr. Brian Macdonald Assistant Professor 5931  
Photo of Mr.Maresco​ Mr. Frank Maresco​ Information Technology Specialist 3175  
Photo of MAJMcClure MAJ Michael McClure Instructor 6308  
Photo of LTCMcInvale LTC Doug McInvale Academy Professor, Associate Professor 4544  
Photo of MAJMerkl MAJ Greg Merkl Instructor 3495  
Photo of Ms.Morris​ Ms. Jennifer Morris​ Office Automation Assistant 5617  
Photo of MAJMugg MAJ Patrick Mugg Instructor 5615  
Photo of Ms.Murphy Ms. Donna Murphy Executive Officer 4502  
Photo of MAJNelson MAJ Thomas Nelson Instructor 5616  
Photo of LTCOuting LTC Donald Outing Academy Professor, Associate Professor 7217  
Photo of Dr.Park Dr. Russell Park Assistant Professor 4604  
Photo of MAJParker MAJ Kevin Kit Parker Professor of Applied Mathematics 5315  
Photo of CPTPedersen CPT Joseph Pedersen Instructor 6727  
Photo of COLPhillips COL Michael Phillips Professor and Department Head 5315  
Photo of MAJPickett MAJ Josiah Pickett Instructor 6726  
Photo of LTCPovich LTC Timothy Povich Assistant Professor 7148  
Photo of Dr.Price Dr. Candice Price Assistant Professor 6728  
Photo of Dr.Pulleyblank Dr. William Pulleyblank Professor of Operations Research 3200  
Photo of MAJShingleton MAJ Jarrod Shingleton Instructor 5660  
Photo of MAJSpringer MAJ Adam Springer Instructor 2227  
Photo of MAJStarling MAJ James Starling Instructor 7830  
Photo of MAJSullivan MAJ Patrick Sullivan Instructor 5649  
Photo of MAJSwain MAJ Aaron Swain Instructor 8138  
Photo of Ms.Swanson Ms. Donna Swanson Computer Assistant 7459  
Photo of CPTThoma CPT Christopher Thoma Instructor 5609  
Photo of Dr.Wattenberg Dr. Frank Wattenberg Professor of Mathematics 5618  
Photo of LTCWatts LTC Krista Watts Assistant Profesor 7461  
Photo of Dr.Williams Dr. Kendall Williams Assistant Professor 5611  
Photo of LTCYankovich LTC Michael Yankovich Academy Professor, Assistant Professor 2807  
Photo of LTCYoshitani LTC Shaw Yoshitani Assistant Professor 8133  
Photo of MAJYoung MAJ Peter Young Instructor 6309