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Department of Mathematics Alumni

Many faculty members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences have gone on to achieve great success in their careers. The following list is a sampling of active duty military alumni, retired military alumni, and civilian alumni. If you are a former faculty member and would like your information included on this list, please e-mail us!

Active Duty Military (with Branch)

MG Richard Stevens (EN)​ Deputy Chief of Engineers / Deputy Commanding General USACE
​BG Jeff Broadwater (AR) Deputy Commanding General (Support), 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas​
​BG Lee Quintas (AR)

Director, Concept Development and Learning, Army Capabilities Integration Center,

Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia​

COL Jon Christensen (EN)​ District Commander, Middle East District, USACE​

Retired Military

General of the Army(R) Omar Bradley​ Taught in the Department from 1919-1923.  Later went on to serve as the Commandant of the Infantry School (1943) and to command the 2nd Corps in Africa and Sicily during World War II.  Chosen by General Eisenhower to command the 1st U.S. Army in the Normandy invasion, and his soldiers liberated Paris and seized the first bridgehead over the Rhine River.  General Bradley also served as the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in 1948 and as the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1949-50.​​
​Robert E. Lee ​Taught in D/Math in 1829 as a cadet/instructor.  Subsequently became the Superintendent of USMA and the commander of the Department of Texas.  In 1861, he was offered field command of the Union Army by President Lincoln, but he declined.  Later, he became the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia and then the Commander in Chief of all Confederate Armies during the Civil War.  Former Directior, Program Analysis and Evaluation, Office of the G-8.
​LTG(R) Rhett Hernandez ​Former Commanding General, Army Cyber Command
​LTG(R) Mike Linnington ​Director, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
​MG(R) Kendall Cox ​Former Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations, USACE.
MG(R) Jim Madora​ ​Former Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation, Office of the G-8
MG(R) Ron Johnson​ ​Former Head of Officiating, National Basketball Association (NBA); Former Commanding General, United States Army Engineer Division, Pacific Ocean
BG(R) Frank Giordano​ ​Former Head, D/Math; currently Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School
BG(R) Chris Arney​ ​Former Head, D/Math; currently Professor of Mathematics in D/Math
COL(R) Jeff Appleget​ ​Senior Lecturer and Army Liaison, Operations Research Department, Naval Postgraduate School
COL(R) Chris Fowler​ ​Dean, Mathematics, Science and Allied Health Division, Central Pennsylvania's Community College
COL(R) Hoa Generazio​ ​Former Military Aide (Executive Officer) to the Deputy Undersecretary of the Army for Operations Research; currently serving as a Contractor for Sparta, Inc.
COL(R) Dan Grey​ ​Former Commander, 20th Engineer Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps; currently Vice President, The Louis Berger Group, Inc.
COL(R) Shane Kimbrough NASA Astronaut (2004-Present), ARSPACE-NASA, Johnson Space Center​
COL(R) Bill Nanry​ Group Technical Staff for Operations Analysis and Research, Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, Dallas; Adjunct Professor for Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Business Analytics, Southern Methodist University​
COL(R) Jim Rowan​ Deputy Commandant, U.S. Army Engineer School​
COL(R) Louis Yuengert​ Professor of Defense Leadership and Enterprise Management, U.S. Army War College​
COL(R) Phil Beaver​ Adjunct Professor, Department of Business & Analytics, University of Denver​
COL(R) Wid Scott Crawford​ ​Consultant, Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.
COL(R) Greg Singleton​ ​Former Commander, 3-8 Cavalry; served as the Deputy Executive Assistant to the Director of J-8; currently serving as a Senior Operations Research Analyst, Sava Solutions, Inc.
​COL(R) Mike Shenk Former ​Commander, US Army Air Traffic Services Command, Fort Rucker, AL
LTC(R) Dennis Polaski​ ​Former Deputy District Engineer, Okinawa; Division Chief, Battle Command Training Program, Fort Leavenworth; currently serving as the Director of DPW, USAG Humphreys
MAJ Arthur Bonifas​ Killed by North Korean soldiers in 1976 while leading a United Nations squad in an effort to trim a tree blocking the line of vision between two U.N. guard posts.  For more information, see

Civilian (in alphabetical order)

Dr. David Anderson​ Finance and Banking Industry​
​Dr. Amanda Beecher ​Ramapo College of New Jersey
Dr. Ethan Berkove Lafayette College​
Dr. Erik Bollt​ Clarkson University​
Dr. Duff Campbell Hendrix College​
​Dr. Edward Connors ​Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst
​Dr. Mary Ann Connors ​Professor Emerita, Westfield State University
Dr. Mary Jane Graham Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories​
Dr. David Haroldsen National Security Agency​
Dr. Michael Jones Montclair State University; currently Associate Editor, Mathematical Reviews
Dr. Maya Kiehl Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute​
Dr. Jeffrey Leader Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology​
Dr. Richard Marchand State University of New York at Fredonia​
Dr. Michael Marcozzi University of Nevada-Las Vegas​
Dr. Ara Pehlevanian Finance and Banking Industry​
Dr. Fred Rickey ​Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy
Dr. James Rolf United States Air Force Academy; currently at Yale University
Dr. Don Small​ ​Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy
Dr. Greg Spradlin Embry-Riddle University
Dr. Diana Thomas​ Montclair State University​
Dr. Gideon Weinstein​ ​Montclair State University
Dr. Stephen Wilkerson ​Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Grounds; Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, UMBC
Dr. Brian Winkel Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematical Sciences, United States Military Academy