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Cadets and Company Grade Officers

Do you want to be a Mathelete?

IMG_0836.JPGIf you are currently a cadet or company grade officer and are interested in a future position in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, it is never too early to apply! The next Master's Degree ACS Board will consider officers for graduate school in the Fall of 2019.  The suspense to have your complete WEST application submitted is 17 November 2017.

If you are selected to become a rotating faculty member, you will participate in the Advanced Civil Schooling program, where you will earn a Master's Degree in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, or Statistics at one of several universities. Many of our officers chosen to be rotating faculty attend one of the foundation schools: Georgia Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or the Naval Postgraduate School. This is usually a two-year program. Once you have received your degree, you will become part of the faculty as part of your utilization commitment. The usual tour of duty is 3 years.


You can start your application file at any time by completing the
Online Applicant Interest page. If you have already opened a file, you can access the W.E.S.T. link for USMA Candidates.

Items that you will need for a complete file are as follows. You should be able to upload all of the items into WEST. If you have any problems, please contact LTC Findlay or CPT Sharritt. If for any reason you are having difficulties using the W.E.S.T. website then contact the department directly.

  1. Evidence of a strong military record. All Departments at the US Military Academy place a strong emphasis on choosing officers who are doing extremely well in the performance of their military duties. Upload copies of all your OERs and AERs. You can obtain electronic copies from AKO.
  2. Transcripts. Upload copies of your undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts. Unofficial copies are acceptable. If you are a USMA graduate, you can call the Transcript Office at (845) 938-3759 or DSN 688-3759 to request a copy. 
  3. GRE scores. Upload a copy of the grade notification as soon as you get it. Please understand this is an Army requirement; we must have these scores before we will consider you for selection (unless you are deployed on an overseas contingency mission). To be competitive for entry into a Top 10 graduate school, you should achieve a score in the 90th percentile on the quantitative portion of the GRE. If you have scores below these levels or if your scores are more than five years old, we suggest that you retake the test. Contact your Education Center for more information on test administration. Again, we cannot give full consideration to an application without GRE scores.
  4. Personal Statement. This is your opportunity to tell the Department Head and the board members why they should pick you to be a Mathlete! You should address your desired degree and what you would contribute to the Department, the Cadets, and the US Army.
  5. Copy of your most recent Officer Records Brief (ORB). This can be downloaded from AKO.
  6. An informal photograph. We'll see you in uniform on your ORB. Send us a photo of the typical you.
  7. APFT Card.
  8. Your best estimate of an availability date to begin graduate school. This is dictated by the branch qualification and command requirements and the timing of future PCS and school assignments. If you have not already done so, please alert your branch manager that you are interested in competing for an assignment at West Point.
Please complete your application file as soon as possible and update it as necessary. This will allow us time to review your files for completeness prior to our selection board. The selection board, composed of senior faculty members, will make its recommendation and the final selection of new instructors is done by the Department Head.


The points of contact for all applicants are LTC Michael Findlay or CPT Jay Sharritt. Please see the FAQ before submitting your questions. Our job is to help you complete your file, answer your questions, and ensure that you receive full and fair consideration. Do not hesitate to write or call!

You can also reach us by phone or email:

LTC Michael Findlay: (845) 938-8133 (DSN: 688-8133)
CPT Jay Sharritt: (845) 938-8135 (DSN: 688-8135)