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The PhD Application Process/System

Each year the Department of Mathematical Sciences has the opportunity to send one or more officers to study for a PhD and then return to teach in the Department as a member of the senior rotating faculty.  The next ACS PhD degree board will consider officers for graduate school beginning fall 2019.  The suspense to complete your WEST application is 17 November 2017.
The department convenes an internal committee to review files in order to align the Department's needs with the applicant’s personal preferences. The goal is to offer available slots to the applicant whose qualifications, desires, and timeline most closely align with the Department's needs. The four criteria we use to evaluate applicants are: military and teaching experience; potential to obtain a doctoral degree; potential to be a scholar/educator and leader in the department; and potential to conduct research. We consider those for selection that could potentially lead as future FA47s (Academy Professors) and FA49 (PhD, Senior Analysts). This year, the committee will be considering candidates for four slots to begin school in Fall 2019.   Note that periodically a slot unexpectedly reopens and another applicant is selected from the list of qualified candidates identified by the committee.
In order to be eligible for the selection process, you must open and complete an electronic application at no later than 17 November 2017.  At this location you will fill out an interest form which will generate a userid and password.  These two items will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours of initiating this process.  Having these will allow you to upload all of the required documents and to update your file at any time. 
If you already have an online WEST file (and have a userid and password), update your file at   If you need help uploading documents, particularly those that are already present in the Department (such as Letters of Recommendation or transcripts), contact the Personnel Officer, LTC Michael Findlay, at (845) 938-8133 or
You should upload the following items (at a minimum):
  1. Interest form (initial form that you fill out)
  2. Current ORB
  3. All academic transcripts
  4. Personal statement which includes your ACS availability dates, your desired degree, and what your principal contributions to the Department would be if selected. (Note: previous committees have identified this as a critical document that should be updated annually).
  5. Current set of OERs (as CPT and MAJ). A current set should include your most recent OER. If a recent OER (within the last 12 months) is not available, make a note of this in your personal statement.
  6. CV (resumé) - there is not a specific area in the WEST system to upload a resumé. You should upload this in the same area as your personal statement.
  7. Letters of recommendation (optional, but highly recommended).  If you do submit these, they should not be older than two years.

Please take the time to ensure you upload the items above following the given guidance.  Incomplete packets can send an unintended message to the committee.  Also, although we highly recommend applying to one or more other departments for a similar program, we also recommend that information included for the Department of Mathematical Sciences position be specific for this Math position.  For example, personal statements should state why you want to be specifically a mathematics instructor as opposed to a general statement of wanting to be an instructor at West Point.

With the WEST system, you are the managers of your file.  If you would like to know the status of your packet or have any questions about your file, call the Personnel Officer or contact one of the PhD program coordinators, COL Doug McInvale, (845)938-5988,, or COL Jake Laporte, (845)938-7685,  Please also feel free to speak to any member of the senior faculty if you have any questions about this program or about the Department.
This application process is open to all officers so feel free to pass on this information to other colleagues that may be interested.  Thanks for being interested in serving our Department as a member of its senior faculty.