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The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosts several research and professional development seminars.  The following groups host seminars:

  • Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS)
    • POC:  MAJ Chris Collins and LTC Krista Watts
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in applying statistical methods to applied problems.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Center for Faculty Development (CFD)
    • POC:  MAJ Mat Fukuzawa
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in pedagogical practice.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Differential Equations Seminar (DES)
    • POC: Fr. Gabe Costa
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around research related to and the use of differential equations.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Math of Operations Research (Math of OR)
    • POC:  Dr. Bill Pulleyblank and COL Mike Yankovich
    • Purpose:  Provide an outlet for current faculty members to share their on-going research, particularly the application of operations research methods, to applied problems.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Math Theory Seminar (MTAS)
    • POC: Dr. Ivan Dungan
    • Purpose:  Create a community of interest around research in theoretical mathematics.
    • Meetings:  Most Wednesdays at either 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM.  (Contact Dr. Dungan for details.)


  • Minorities in Mathematics Speaker Series (MIMSS) 
    • POC: Dr. Sam Ivy
    • Purpose:  Provide a forum to host guest lectures featuring the achievements and contributions of minorities in the mathematical sciences and related fields.
    • Meetings:  See schedule below.  (Contact Dr. Ivy for more information.)


  • Network Science Center (NSC)
    • POC:  LTC Jon Roginski, Dr. Chris Arney, and Dr. Bill Pulleyblank
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models.
    • Meetings:  Brown Bag seminars every other Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  (Contact LTC Roginski for dates, topics, and location.)


This table lists the seminars hosted by CDAS, CFD, and Math of OR.  All of these seminars take place on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 to 14:55.  Others listed are for informational purpose.


Date ​Rm ​Host ​Presenter ​Topic
​18 Jan ​TH248 ​NetSci ​Rostyslav Korolov ​On Predicting Social Unrest Using Social Media
​18 Jan ​TH374 ​MTAS ​Dr. Mee-Song Im ​The Geometry of Quiver Hecke Algebras and Signed String Diagrammatic Algebras

​19 Jan


 Math of OR

CPT Seth Lotts

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Flow

27 Jan



LTC John Bacon

MAJ Adam Springer

Lessons Learned for Future S-3/XO
31 Jan​ ​TH235BP ​DES ​MAJ Adam Springer ​Scientific Programming Fundamentals and ODEs
​1 Feb ​TH248 ​NetSci ​CPT Jim Pleuss ​Using Simulated Annealing to Improve the Information Dissemination Network Structure of a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak Response
​1 Feb TH374 ​MTAS ​Rachel Levanger ​Topics in Applied Topology

1 Feb

​TH120 ​CDAS LTC Keith DeGregory Data Exploration with Business Intelligence Tools
​15 Feb ​TH120 ​NetSci Various ​Problem Session

16 Feb

TH120 CDAS MAJ Mike Powell

R-Studio and Shiny Applications

23 Feb 

TBD MIMSS Dr. Shelby Wilson A Quest to Cure Cancer with Math

23 Feb 

TH120 Math of OR Dr. Nakeya Williams Cardiovascular Dynamic Modeling

​28 Feb


CPT Karoline Hood 

Storm Surge Models and PDEs 

​1 Mar ​TH120 ​NetSci ​TBD ​TBD

2 Mar 

​TH374 MTAS Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson Topics in Applied Topology
​8 Mar ​TH120 ​Math Forum ​Dr. Miguel-Angel Perales ​Computational Biology
​8 Mar ​TH374 ​MTAS ​Javier Arsuaga ​TBD

9 Mar 

TH248 Math of OR COL Jake Laporte Afghanistan Assessments
​22 Mar ​TH120 ​NetSci TBD
23 Mar TH248 Math of OR Matthew Warshaw Data Collection and Analysis in Conflict Affected Areas

28 Mar 

TH235BP DES Fr. Gabe Costa Linear Second Order ODEs with Variable Coefficients
30 Mar​ ​TH120 CFD ​Dr. Darrell Velegol
​Chemical Game Theory
​5 Apr ​TH120 ​NetSci ​TBD ​TBD
​5 Apr ​TH374 ​MTAS ​TBD ​TBD
​7 Apr ​TH120 CFD ​Dr. Ilesanmi Adeboye
Euler's Equation
​13 Apr ​TH248 ​Math of OR ​MAJ Jon Paynter ​Political District Gerrymandering
​19 Apr ​TH120 ​NetSci ​TBD ​TBD
​19 Apr ​TH374 ​MTAS ​TBD ​TBD
20 Apr​ ​TH120 Math of OR ​Ethan Berkove ​Optimization
25 Apr​ ​TH235BP ​DES ​TBD ​TBD
​27 Apr ​TH120 ​CDAS ​Brandon McConnell (tentative) ​Army Logistics Planning
​3 May
​5 May ​TH120 ​Math Forum ​Mr. Paul Kucik ​Quantitative Modeling and Analytics
​11 May ​TH120 CDAS ​LTC Joe Lindquist ​Data Visualization in Excel