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 Mathematics of OR Seminar

Purpose:  To provide a forum for a community of common interest in which faculty and cadets can share and discuss research in the areas of optimization, simulation, and probability and statistics, enabling extensions to ongoing research and fostering future collaborative efforts.
Sessions are held roughly biweekly on Thursday afternoons.  The target audience includes, but is not limited to, faculty with an advanced degree in operations research or a related field, military faculty who are classified within FA49 (Operations Research/Systems Analyst), and cadets who are majoring in operations research.  The primary candidates for speakers are:
  1. D/MathSci faculty and cadets conducting ongoing research, whether sharing it in-progress or as a precursor to a presentation at a professional conference, e.g., the MORS Symposium or INFORMS Annual Meeting.
  2. D/MathSci faculty presenting research from a recently completed M.S. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.
  3. Cadets conducting MA491 or MA498/MA499 research.
  4. External speakers.

This series is jointly coordinated by Professor William Pulleyblank and LTC Michael Yankovich.

Spring 2015 Schedule (AY15-02)
Date Speaker Title Location ‚Äč

22 January

LTC Phil Root Persistent Patrolling with Adversarial Observations TH120

05 February

MAJ Dan Koban
Social Network Analysis
19 February
Dr. William Pulleyblank
Fraud Detection
05 March
Fr. Gabriel Costa, PhD
Closed Form Solutions of Differential Equations TH120

09 April

To Be Announced To Be Announced TH120