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The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosts several research and professional development seminars.  The following groups host seminars:

  • Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS)
    • POC:  LTC Krista Watts and MAJ Jamar Wright
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in applying statistical methods to applied problems.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Center for Faculty Development (CFD)
    • POC:  CPT Mat Fukuzawa
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in pedagogical practice.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Differential Equations Seminar (DES)
    • POC: Fr. Gabe Costa
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around research related to and the use of differential equations.
    • Meetings:  Contact Fr. Costa for meeting times, topics, and location.


  • Math of Operations Research (Math of OR)
    • POC:  Dr. Bill Pulleyblank and LTC Mike Yankovich
    • Purpose:  Provide an outlet for current faculty members to share their on-going research, particularly the application of operations research methods, to applied problems.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Math Theory Seminar (MTS, formerly called Topology Algebra Research Seminar / TARS)
    • POC: Dr. Desmond Cummins
    • Purpose:  Create a community of interest around research in theoretical mathematics.
    • Meetings:  Most Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.  (Contact Dr. Cummins for topics and location.)


  • Network Science Center (NSC)
    • POC:  LTC Tony Johnson and Dr. Bill Pulleyblank
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models.
    • Meetings:  Brown Bag seminars every other Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in TH248.  (Contact Dr. Pulleyblank for dates, topics, and location.)


This table lists the seminars hosted by CDAS, CFD, and Math of OR.  All of these seminars take place on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 to 14:55 except for the seminar on 5 February (with Andre Napoli) which is on a Friday (still 14:00 to 14:55) and the seminar on 28 March (with Irv Lustig) which is on a Monday from 15:00 - 15:55.


Date ​Rm ​Host ​Presenter ​Topic





Andre Napoli (former Math P at USMA; now Chief Customer Service Officer and Senior VP at Health Care Service Corporation) 

Risk Management in the Insurance Industry




 ​Math of OR

​Mike Seminelli (D/Math) ​Scheduling Problem at Fort Bragg



​TH120 ​CDAS ​Mike Powell (D/Math) ​Statistical Discrimination



​TH120 ​Math of OR Matt Mogensen (D/Math) Service Network Design Optimization for Army Aviation Life Planning



​TH120 ​CFD Lisa Bromberg

Imposter Syndrome



​TH120 ​Math of OR ​Eli Ingram and Joe Pedersen (D/Math) ​Impact of Reading Frequency and Duration on Learning and Retention



​TH120 ​CDAS ​Patrick Brundage (D/Math) ​Stereotype Threat



​TH120 ​Math of OR

​Irv Lustig (Princeton Consultants; formerly of Princeton University, CPLEX, ILOG, and IBM)

Bio available at:

Abstract: To gain the acceptance of analytics used for decision support, analytics professionals should use organizational change management principles. This talk provides advice to these professionals on these principles as they work with key users to gain acceptance of analytics. These ideas are drawn from the collective observations and insights of practitioners with decades of experience in the development and deployment of analytic methods for improved decision making.

​Change Management for Analytics Projects

Note: This seminar will take place on a Monday from 15:00 to 15:55.



​TH120 ​CFD Michelle Isenhour (D/Math) ​What is diversity, and what does it look like at West Point and in the Army?



​TH120 ​Math of OR Susan Carter and Bill Skimmyhorn (D/SocSci) Payday Lending and Army Soldiers



​TH120 ​CDAS ​Randal Hickman (D/Math) ​Name-Based Discrimination



​TH120 ​CDAS ​Ted Hill (Professor Emeritus GaTech; USMA '66) ​Benford's Law