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Minerva in the News
2nd African Symposium on "Scales of Development"
April 30, 2014, Haig Room, Jefferson Hall, West Point, NY
The Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering hosts the 2nd African Symposium at West Point. Please join us for a distinguished panel discussion on African Development. Cadets, Students and Faculty conducting researching on Africa are encouraged to participate in the illustrated poster presentation. Lunch will be held at 12 pm in the cadet mess hall with a speaker. The poster session will follow at 1 pm.
The Minerva Cadet Club was created last year and continues to hosts weekly meetings with visiting lecturers.
  • Dr. Amy Krakowka, MAJ Dylan Malcomb and MAJ Elizabeth Weaver from the Geography & Environmental Engineering Department publish an article in the Journal of Applied Geography titled "Vulnerability modeling for sub-Saharan Africa: an operationalized approach in Malawi."
  • Dr. Luke Gerdes, the BS&L Minerva Fellow publishes an article in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, a top-tier peer-reviewed journal on Violent Non-State Actors (VNSAs). The title of the article is “Assessing the Abu Sayyaf Group's Strategic and Learning Capacities.”
SNAC Hosts Newly Formed Minerva Group
Recently a group of cadets gathered with faculty members from Math, BS&L and G&EnE to discuss the formation of a new cadet research group. Faculty members shared the background of DoD’s Minerva Initiative, Minerva research being done here at West Point, and the importance for social science research for the military and for the cadets as future leaders. A few faculty members also discussed current projects.The cadets met with members of the Social Network Analysis Club (SNAC) over lunch to get tips on the logistics of running a successful club. SNAC is a cadet run club that meets every week to listen to talks on social network research and conduct their own studies. 
Bard College and USMA
Dr. Amy Krakowka, MAJ Dylan Malcomb, and Kristine Ringler met with Bard College faculty last month to discuss the Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering’s research on Water Vulnerability in Africa. The USMA researchers met with Econometrics and Political Scientists Professors at Bard to form a collaboration effort among institutions.
Network Science Center Presentation
Dr. Luke Gerdes gave a talk to West Point faculty and cadets on “Data Transformation and Centrality”. Dr. Gerdes is a Minerva fellow working on the Southeast Asia Minerva project. He discussed how bi-partite data is often encountered when working with real-world networks. Examples include networks that show terrorists' participation in attacks, networks that record soldiers' positions at geo-locations, networks that describe consumers' purchase of products, and networks that reconcile twitter-users to the hashtags they follow.