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What We Do

The Mathematical Sciences Center (MSC) combines the theoretical richness of a diversified and highly talented military and civilian faculty with the academic curiosity and enthusiasm of a small group of cadets to extend the boundaries of mathematics and its applications beyond the prescribed limits of classroom activity. The center provides opportunities to explore research that supports Army and Department of Defense programs in numerous areas including Mathematical Modeling, Network Analysis, Data Analysis, and Algorithm Development for Robotics. The Department of Mathematical Sciences seeks to produce graduates who are scientifically literate and capable of integrating scientific, mathematical, and computational techniques to the solution of complex problems. The MSC promotes this development through the Research and Development Collaboration with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the Davies Fellowship Program, and the Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS).

At the center of the MSC lies our strategic partnership with the Army Research Laboratory. Many of the research opportunities originate at ARL and involve cadets and members of the math faculty. Each summer, cadets volunteer to participate in the Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) program where they conduct research at various laboratories and agencies. For many of the cadets, the research experience continues into the next academic year as a capstone project that satisfies graduation requirements in respective academic majors.

MSC Objectives:
  1. Provide a professional growth opportunity for newly graduated academic PhD’s in areas of basic and applied research.
  2. Further the USMA goal of increasing and maintaining quality civilian representation among its faculty.
  3. Further the ARL goal of expanding the role of academic faculty in the Army’s research and development efforts.
  4. Create productive working relationships between the USMA faculty and the ARL research organizations.
  5. Enrich the education of cadets.