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Call for Proposals

The Mathematical Sciences Center invites all researchers to submit proposals for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Submit your research proposal(s) by email using the above format to The proposal deadline is 11 December 2015. Award letters will be issued at the beginning of January 2016. Questions? Contact at 845-938-0980.
msce_research01.pngComputational & Information Sciences (CIS)
Scientific research and technology in advanced computing, network and communication sciences, information assurance, and battle space environments that create, exploit and harvest innovative technologies to enable knowledge superiority for the Warfighter. CISD's technologies provide the strategic, operational, and tactical information dominance across the spectrum of operations.

Human Rearch & Engineering(HRED)
Scientific research and technology directed toward optimizing Soldier performance and Soldier-machine interactions to maximize battlefield effectiveness, and to ensure that Soldier performance requirements are adequately considered in technology development and system design.

msce_research02.pngSensors and Electron Devices (SEDD)
Scientific research and technology in electro-optic smart sensors, multifunction radio frequency (RF), autonomous sensing, power and energy, signature management, directed towards reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition (RISTA), fire control, guidance, fusing, survivability, mobility and lethality.

Survivability/Leathality Analysis (SLAD)
Integrated survivability and lethality analysis of Army systems and technologies across the full spectrum of battlefield threats and environments as well as analysis tools, techniques, and methodologies.

msce_research03.pngVehicle Technology (VTD)
Scientific research and technology addressing propulsion, transmission, aeromechanics, structural engineering, and robotics technologies for both air and ground vehicles.

Weapons & Materials Research (WMRD)
Scientific research and technology in the areas of weapons, protection, and materials to enhance the lethality and survivability of the nation's ground forces.