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Mule Team : Team

Meet the Team
COL Korycinski.jpg

COL Donna Korycinski, Ph.D.

Officer in Charge (OIC)

COL K is an Academy Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering. She is originally from Louisville, KY, Home of the Kentucky Derby - "The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports" and the Belle of Louisville Steamboat. As the OIC, she is in charge of all administrative actions to support the Mule Riders.
CDT Kat Deaton

Class of 2014

From Flora, Illinois, Kat is the senior Mule Rider on the team and the Team Captain. She has served as the Cadet in Charge of the Mule Team during the 2012-2013 year, working diligently to plan events, writing policies, and obtaining the resources needed to help care for the mules.
CDT Sam Dorminey

Class of 2015

Sam is from Cecilia, Kentucky, and grew up riding and caring for many horses throughout her childhood. Sam is the junior on the team, and helps to instruct the incoming freshman with her equestrian knowledge. Sam has a vast amount of experience in the equestrian world, and serves as one of the resident experts when it comes to dealing with the mules.
CDT Mike Nathman

Class of 2016

Mike grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and is the sophomore Mule Rider. He has owned his own horse since he was 10, and has confirmed certain stereotypes regarding Texas by actually riding his horse to school in the past. As the sophomore on the team, Mike helps to train and coach the new plebe as he learns how to clean, feed, and properly ride the mules.
CDT Conor Dolan

Class of 2017

Conor is from Muscatine, Iowa, and is the freshman or "plebe" Mule Rider. He grew up riding horses and spending time and working outside. He operates his own poulty buisness back in Iowa and is very accustomed to the type of jobs that are required of him around the Mules' stabels. Conor is coached primarily by Mike who helps him develop in order to be able to eventually teach the new Mule Rider from the Class of 2018.