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Public Affairs : 15NOV2013 Cadet Activities Update

Cadet Activities Update 
(Updated Nov. 15, 2013; 12:35 PM)

Orienteering team: The Orienteering team traveled to Ansonia, Conn., and competed in a Western Connecticut Orienteering Club local meet Nov. 10. Class of 2017 Cadets Jett Dipalma and Bradley Morton did exceptionally well for their category, showing the readiness for the next competition.

The team sent eight cadets to compete in the U.S. Ultra-long Competition at Pacheco State Park, Calif., Nov. 8-11. The first day of the competition exposed the cadets to a middle distance race running across barren hills in a warmer and drier climate. The second day, however, consisted of the Ultra-long race with a base distance of 18.1 kilometers with 950 meters of climb. For the middle distance race day one, Class of 2015 Cadet Carl Adams, Class of 2016 Cadet Patrick Richardson and Class of 2016 Cadet Nicholas Ives swept their category achieving first through third, respectively. For the Ultra-long race day two, Richardson placed third for his age category.

National Society of Black Engineers: Eleven cadets representing the National Society of Black Engineers and the Excel Scholars Program along with faculty from the Departments of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership and Chemistry and Life Sciences supported the West Point Leadership Ethics Workshop at the New York City American Museum of Natural History Nov. 8.

This workshop, hosted by U.S. Military Academy alumnus Pat Locke and sponsored by the Charles Hayden Foundation, focused on teaching leadership and ethics to NYC/New Jersey area high school students and educators. Col. Diane Ryan, USMA professor and psychology program director, served as the keynote speaker for the workshop.

The cadets served as small group facilitators over a three-hour period as they took the students through a series of discussions and role-playing exercises designed to emphasize the importance of respect, ethics and leadership in their daily lives. In the afternoon, each of the eight student teams presented profound lessons on leadership ethics and what shapes their decisions and personal choices to the rest of the participants and received prizes donated from the Department of Admissions for their outstanding efforts.

Women’s Boxing: The Women’s Boxing team traveled to the world-famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn Nov. 2 for its second trip section devoted to training. The women immediately jumped into warming up and fit right in with the dozens of other boxers there, ranging from beginners to experienced fighters.

Coach Jackie Atkins set up two rings for the team to spar in, and rotated Gleason boxers in to give the women a workout. One of the individuals the team had the privilege of working with was Sonya “The Scholar” Lamonakis, an extremely successful heavyweight boxer who has been rated No. 1 in the nation. After three hours of training, the women ran the Brooklyn Bridge followed by 30 minutes of abdominal exercise.

Equestrian: The West Point Equestrian team competed in two Western horse shows Nov. 2, one hosted by the U.S. Military Academy and the other hosted by Centenary College.

The team hosted its Western show at Amy Wunderlich’s Performance Horse farm in New Jersey. This was the first Western show of the season and the team did well, placing second overall. In the second show, the team placed first overall.

The team competed in an English show at Briarwood farms Nov. 3 and placed fourth overall. Class of 2016 Cadet Annamarie Curtin earned enough points at the English show to advance into the next jumping division.
Pistol team: The Pistol team traveled to New London, Conn., to compete against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Yale in an intercollegiate pistol match Nov. 1.

West Point won all three Open events and the overall match with a three-event aggregate score of 6,174. USCGA’s aggregate score was 6,077. Yale only competed in Air Pistol and Standard Pistol. West Point won the Free Pistol event with a score of 1,941 to USCGA’s 1,938.

Class of 2014 Cadet Shane Greene won the event with a score of 509 out of a possible 600. Class of 2014 Cadet Jacob Hayes was a close second with a 508. Class of 2014 Cadet Julian Trent shot a 463 and Class of 2015 Cadet Ames Evans shot a 461.

West Point won the Air Pistol event with a score of 2,136. USCGA shot a 2,131 and Yale shot a 1,974. Greene placed second in the event with a 544. Class of 2014 Cadet Garrett Kennedy shot a 533. Class of 2015 Cadet Melody Yap shot a 531 and Class of 2015 Cadet Ames Evans shot a 528.

West Point won Standard Pistol with a team score of 2,097. USCGA shot a 2,008 and Yale shot a 1,829. Greene won the event with a score of 539.

Kennedy was third with a 523. Hayes shot a 518 and Class of 2016 Cadet Anthony Veith shot a 517. Although not on the scoring team, Class of 2017 Cadet Dashiell Andrews shot a 531. After two away matches, West Point’s record is now three wins against one loss.

West Point’s next match is at Tronsrue Marksmanship Center, Friday and Saturday, hosting The Citadel and VMI.

Combat Weapons Team: Members of the Steel Team (Combat Weapons Team and Pistol Team) traveled to Topton, Pa., to shoot in a regional steel challenge pistol match Nov. 9. The match consisted of 40 shooters that included sponsored competitive shooters and novice shooters.

Members of the Black Squad (CWT Members—Center fire) had a decent showing at the match and will continue to use the lessons learned to prepare for the collegiate match in the spring. In the production division members of the team finished in 8th, 14th and 15th overall in a field of 15 shooters that included sponsored shooters.

This was the first match for first year member Class of 2017 Cadet Grant Manning who, to date, has shown a great deal of maturity and positive development in his shooting ability. Members of the Gold Squad (Pistol Team Members—Rim fire) finished in 7th and 11th place out of 16 shooters in their division. Class of 2016 Cadet Anthony Veith and Class of 2017 Cadet Dashiell Andrews continue to show great progress in the competitive shooting arena and beat some very talented civilian shooters. All around it was a good experience for the Steel Team as they close out the fall shooting circuit.