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Public Affairs : 5DEC2013 Cadet Activities Update

Cadet Activities Update 
(Updated Dec. 4, 2013; 3:35 PM)


Bowling: The West Point Bowling team competed in its last conference match for the 2013-14 season Nov. 23 in Oakland, N.J. Out of 12 teams in the league, the A team finished eighth and the B team finished 10th.

Two rookies finished with high individual averages: Class of 2016 Cadet John Tazioli (176 average) and Class of 2017 Cadet David Trate (171 average). Tazioli also contributed the highest number of individual points to the team at 6.5 points, followed closely by fellow classmate and rookie Class of 2016 Cadet Louis Kappner at 6 points.
Men’s Boxing: Three West Point boxers fought in the New York Athletic Club event Nov. 25. The Arthur Mercante National Collegiate Boxing Invitational also featured boxers from the U.S. Air Force Academy, the University of Nevada and U.S. Naval Academy.

Class of 2016 Cadet Alan Alvarado defeated his opponent in the second round. Class of 2014 Cadet Gavin Chapman sustained a deep cut on his upper lip midway through the first round and the ref called the fight. Class of 2014 Cadet Artem Boyev defeated his opponent after three hard-fought rounds. 
Women’s Boxing: Six members of the Women’s Boxing team traveled to Los Angeles Nov. 21-24, to participate in the Rivals in the Ring competition. The event was hosted by the Los Angeles Athletic Club and Espada Boxing and featured collegiate boxers from several colleges. Class of 2014 Cadets Kelsey Smith and Megan Coley represented West Point extremely well in their bouts.

Smith, team captain, fought three rounds but lost by officials’ decision and Coley defeated her opponent, Rachel Luba of UCLA. During the intermission, a branching ceremony was conducted for Smith and Coley. Capt. Victor Shen, USMA Class of 2006, and Capt. Ann Ayers, Class of 2008, presented them with their branching envelopes. There were several other West Point graduates in attendance to support the competition event and the ceremony.

The team conducted a training session Nov. 23 with Coach Jackie Atkins at the athletic club. Later that day, the team was hosted for lunch by the West Point Society of Los Angeles with USMA graduates Charlie Tennant (Class of 1958), Matt Dehaven (Class of 1981) and Steven Henao-Escobar (Class of 2011) in attendance.
Orienteering: The West Point Orienteering team traveled across the river to Peekskill’s Blue Mountain Reservation to compete in a Hudson Valley Orienteering Club local meet and JROTC Orienteering Championships. Class of 2017 Cadet Todd House and Class of 2016 Cadet Josh Allyn finished in first place while Class of 2014 Cadet Charles Whitaker placed third in their respective competition levels. Class of 2015 Cadet Cody Stamm coordinated to have cadets assist the event director by instructing the beginner competitors in the basic skills of orienteering including, operating registration for more than 400 competitors, and placing controls for the competition courses. By helping HVO run this competition smoothly, the team built civilian relations while also providing leadership for prospective JROTC cadets.

Parachute team: During Thanksgiving break, the parachute team’s Junior class left for Marana, Ariz., and conducted 108 jumps in the span of three days. The team conducted joint skydiving training with Air Force’s Wings of Blue. The team’s time consisted of three days of intense formation training with its Air Force counterparts. Cadets learned immensely from the guidance of the WOB coaches and members.

The Army four-way team split up and completed skydiving block formations with members of the senior Air Force four-way team. Other members who attended worked on two-way and increased their skydiving knowledge and competence. The experience was invaluable and the training value was unlike anything they experienced as juniors.

Pistol: The Pistol team hosted Yale and MIT at Tronsrue Marksmanship Center Nov. 22-23 for an intercollegiate pistol match. West Point won the match with a three-aggregate score of 6,304 to MIT’s 6,096. Yale only competed in two events to achieve a score of 3,828.

West Point won the Air Pistol event with a four-person team score of 2,185. MIT was second with a 2,132 and Yale was third with a 2,004. Class of 2016 Cadet Anthony Veith had the match high score of 552 out of a possible 600. Class of 2014 Cadets Jacob Hayes and Shane Greene were second and third, respectively, with scores of 547 and 546.

West Point won the Free Pistol event with a team score of 1,993 to MIT’s 1,879. Yale did not compete in Free Pistol. Hayes had the match high score of 524. MIT’s Nico Fine was second with a 500 and Greene was third with a 498. West Point won the final event, Standard Pistol, with a team score of 2,126. MIT was second with a 2085 and Yale was third with a 1,824. Class of 2014 Cadet Garrett Kennedy had the match high score of 539. MIT’s Jackie Wu was second with a 536 and MIT’s Jennifer Hsu shot a 534 for third place. Class of 2017 Cadet Dashiell Andrews shot a 531 and Class of 2014 Cadet Jacob Hayes shot a 529. Completing the four-person scoring team for West Point was Greene who shot a 527. West Point’s next pistol match is Jan. 17-18 in Charleston, S.C., versus The Citadel and Coast Guard Academy.

Judo: The West Point Judo team recently participated in three tournaments: the Dallas Invitational (D Level Event), the President’s Cup (C Level Event) and the first USA Judo sponsored Military and Police Championships.

The team currently has four athletes who’ve joined the USA Judo roster: Class of 2016 Cadet Carly Patton and Class of 2014 Cadet Richard Mendoza as C level competitors; and Class of 2014 Cadets Stephen Patten, and Pat Diehl as D level competitors.

Class of 2015 Cadet Sara Roberts placed first in Dallas Novice, third at President’s Cup, first in Military and Police Championships. Patton placed second in President’s Cup and Mendoza placed third in President’s Cup and was named National Military and Police Champion. Patten placed third in Dallas, fifth in President’s Cup and third in MPC. Diehl placed fifth in President’s Cup and first in MPC. Class of 2014 Cadets Carson Giammaria and Mike Miranda placed first and third in MPC, respectively.
Model United Nations: The West Point Model United Nations team traveled to Philadelphia Nov. 11 to participate in the University of Pennsylvania Model UN Conference. This is the largest and most competitive Model UN conference of the fall semester, with almost 1,300 student delegates representing dozens of top-tier schools.

As a result of their outstanding performance, the West Point Model UN team was awarded Best Small Delegation, the top award for the category in which they competed, soundly defeating a number of other schools, including the U.S. Naval Academy. The cadets who received awards for their performance at the conference.

The awardees were: Best Delegate (first place): Class of 2014 Cadet Brandon Moore, Class of 2014 Cadet John Worthington and Class of 2017 Cadet Sneha Singh; Outstanding Delegate (second place): Class of 2014 Cadet Patrick Brown, Class of 2016 Cadet David Grossman, Class of 2015 Cadet Patrick Beauregard and Class of 2016 Cadet Jesse Nelson; Honorable Mention (third place): Class of 2014 Cadet Warren Geary; Verbal Commendation (fourth place): Class of 2017 Cadet Jack Bagdadi. The following cadets were also integral to the team’s success: Class of 2014 Cadet Claire Williams, Class of 2015 Cadets Jason Lally and Richard Vince.
Powerlifting: The Powerlifting team hosted its annual Army-Navy Powerlifting Meet at Arvin Gymnasium Nov. 23.

The Navy Powerlifting team came into the meet with high expectations after revamping their program in the past year. These expectations appeared to be met with multiple Navy lifters taking early leads. However, the Army team kept its composure and continued to fight. Veteran lifters from all weight classes on the Army team stepped up and put up some huge numbers to secure a close win for West Point. Class of 2014 Cadet Sidney Blecher, at a body weight of 145 lbs. came in first in his weight class with a 455-lb. squat, a 345-lb. bench press and 455-lb. dead-lift.

Assistant Captain Class of 2014 Cadet Anthony Rombold at a body weight of 163 lbs., squatted 455 lbs., benched 330 lbs. and dead-lifted 525lbs., taking second in his weight class. Finally, Firstie team captain, Adam Rubalcaba, at a body weight of 218 lbs., squatted 600 lbs., benched 440 lbs. and dead-lifted 625 lbs., taking first in his weight class and solidifying the Army win. This narrow win over Navy adds to the Army Powerlifting team’s win streak in the match-up, making it 12 straight victories in a row.