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Public Affairs : Cadet Activities Report

Cadet Activities Update 
(Updated Oct. 10, 2013)

Women’s Boxing:
The Women’s Boxing Team traveled to Coach Jackie Atkins’s Long Branch Gleason’s Gym in New Jersey Oct. 5. The team assisted Coach Atkins set up, organized and ran her Junior Olympics Finals event held at her gym. When the event ended, the team helped clean up before going directly into an intense training session.

While some of the ladies jumped right into the ring to spar females from other clubs, others worked new drills with various coaches. Some of these drills included hitting the bags, working with teammates on footwork and a drill with a tire to help the ladies improve close-up fighting. The team had the privilege of working with Donald Givens, a USA Boxing Coach Chair and former coach for the Olympic boxing team.

Skeet and Trap:
Class of 2014 Cadet Andrew Laib and Class of 2015 Cadet Robert Sterling of the West Point Skeet and Trap Team were recently invited to shoot in the World Skeet Championships in San Antonio, as part of the Army Skeet Team.

The cadets had the unique opportunity to shoot against active duty teams from the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, and also more than 800 top civilian skeet shooters. Though the rivalries were fierce (particularly between the Army and Navy teams) the championship gave the cadets a chance to interact with officers and enlisted Soldiers from each service in a competitive, yet friendly, environment.

The competition consisted of a full seven days of skeet shooting, with between 100 and 200 scored targets shot each day. Shooters competed using progressively smaller, and thus more difficult, gauges each day of the championship, culminating with the .410 bore on the final day of competition. Each member of the Army team participated in at least one tiebreaker round (called “shoot-offs”) during the event because of their high scores.

The Army team as a whole did very well in the competition, edging out the Marine and Navy teams in the high overall competition, and posting strong performances in many of the individual events.

Laib and Sterling both had personal best scores over the course of the competition, 99 out of 100 in the 20 gauge event for Laib, and 97 out of 100 in the 12 gauge for Sterling. Additionally, both received medals for top performances in the Military division.

Other team members participating included Team Captain Lt. Col. Mark Boettcher and Capt. Mike Moreno, a former member of the West Point team currently serving in the prestigious 3rd Infantry Regiment, the Old Guard.

Both officers represented the Army team well, with Boettcher posting his first perfect 100 straight in the 20 gauge and Moreno winning the high overall competition and 28 gauge in his class.

One highlight of the event was a “Military Appreciation” barbecue held on the penultimate night of shooting. The military teams all got to relax and have some fun together at a barbecue hosted by members of the skeet shooting community for the many active and retired military shooters at the championship.

Pistol Team: Four members of the Pistol Team traveled to Auburn, Oct. 5, to compete in a Scholastic Pistol Program competition against UVM, Harvard and New Hampshire.

This was the Northeast Regional Qualifier for Nationals. The Pistol Team placed first in the collegiate rimfire division with a score of 209.83 to Vermont's 375.39, New Hampshire's 306.93 and Harvard's 839.59. Scores are in seconds needed to complete the course of fire with low score (time) winning.

West Point had the top three individual scores with Class of 2017 Cadet Dashiel Andrews shooting a 48.35, Class of 2014 Cadet Julian Trent shooting a 49.77 and Class of 2014 Cadet Garrett Kennedy shooting a 54.02. Class of 2014 Cadet Shane Greene had the fifth best score with a 57.69.
Equestrian: The West Point Equestrian team traveled to Briarwood Farm in Somerville, N.J., Oct. 6 to compete in a Zone 3 Region 3 English show hosted by the Drew Equestrian Team.

The team placed third in the show and is now second overall in the Regional standing.

First-place finishers: Madeline Arnold, Intermediate Flat; Moira Fontenot, Walk/Trot/Canter; Holly Rodeo, Walk/Trot/Canter.

Second-place finishers: Annamarie Curtin, Novice Fences; Lena Jordi-Cruzval, Walk/Trot/Canter; Alexandra Vinson, Walk/Trot; Alexandra Moore, Novice Flat.

Third-place finishers: Madeline Arnold, Novice Fences; Crystel Calderon, Walk/Trot.

The West Point Equestrian team traveled to Crosswinds Equestrian Center, home of the Marist Equestrian Team, in Lagrangeville, N.Y., Sept. 28 to compete in a Zone 3 Region 3 English show.

Upon winning her class, Class of 2016 Cadet Lena Jordi-Cruzval earned enough points to place in the next level of Walk/Trot/Canter. Regionally, Class of 2014 Cadet Morgan Proksch led in points for the Cacchione Cup.

First-place finishers: Morgan Proksch, Open Fences; Emily Kozma, Novice Flat; Alexandra Vinson, Walk/Trot; Maddie Arnold, Intermediate Flat; Lena Jordi-Cruzval, Walk/Trot; Moira Fontenot, Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter.

Second-place finishers: Samantha Verduzco, Walk/Trot; Crystel Calderon, Walk/Trot.

Third-place finishers: Holly Rodeo, Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter; Chris Senese, Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter; Maddie Arnold, Novice Fences.

Combined Cadet Choir: The Cadet Chapel Protestant Choir traveled to Avalon, N.J., Sept. 27 for a series of choral performances. They joined the cadets of the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Chapel Choir Sept. 28 in celebrating Mass at the Saint Brendan the Navigator Catholic Church in Avalon.

The following morning, the Cadet Chapel Choir sang for the Sunday service at the Avalon Methodist Church, before again uniting with the Catholic Choir for Sunday Mass at Saint Brendan’s. The parishioners were treated to sacred and traditional hymns including “Mansions of the Lord,” “The Corps,” “The Alma Mater” and the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

West Point Paintball: The West Point Paintball team hosted the 2013 Fall Combat Classic: Operation Urgent Fury Oct. 5-6 with roughly 200 participants waging war around Lake Frederick.

The team reported that players were excited with the new field setup that included inflatable bunkers, and, for the first time, there was an open invitation for the Corps of Cadets to play. The commandant of the Corps of Cadets returned to battle in his second Combat Classic. The cadets are already planning for the Spring Combat Classic, which is generally the larger of the two Classics with three times the turnout. For more Classic photos and updates on the team, follow them on Facebook at

Women’s Rugby: The West Point Women’s Rugby Team traveled to Quinnipiac University Oct. 5, losing to the Bobcats 39-27.

Class of 2016 Cadet Ali McDonald, returning from an injury, and Class of 2017 Cadet Jessica Soto, met the challenge and filled positions during the A side game. McDonald’s hard-hitting tackles and strong offensive drives were a great asset to the Army team. Class of 2015 Cadet Bella Bermudez made her debut as a forward, using sheer strength and speed to Army’s advantage.

Class of 2016 Cadets Lindy Clark, Carissa Pekny and Kaeleigh Warfield led the team by lashing through the defensive line on their numerous offensive drives.

Clark scored Army’s first try after a 25-meter dash from Class of 2015 Cadet Kate Roose and a pass from team captain, Class of 2014 Cadet Clare Moser.

Also in the first half, Class of 2015 Cadet Betsy McCracken scored a try for Army and successfully kicked for points, making the score 20-13 Bobcats.

In the second half, Army proved, yet again, that they are a second half team. As the Bobcats settled into a perceived comfortable lead, Army increased the intensity. In the final 15 minutes of play, Roose demonstrated her footwork and speed, earning Army another try.

McCracken was successful on the conversion, closing the gap on the Bobcats. In the last four minutes of the game, Army continued the fight. Aggressive offensive drives and a strong defensive line kept the ball on Army’s half.

Pekny, after receiving a pass from McCracken, completed a driving try. Despite a valiant effort, the team fell short of a victory.