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Public Affairs : Cadet Climbing Team

Cadets give back to climbing community

By West Point Climbing Team

Six members of the West Point Climbing Team supported the Paradox Sports Gunks Rock event in New Paltz Oct. 26-28.

Paradox Sports is a non-profit organization that gives amputees, paraplegics and people with other disabilities the chance to do something that may have perceived to be impossible—rock climb. Cadets spent time talking and climbing with an amazing group of individuals who embody the saying “live life to its fullest.”

Among the participants were two wounded veterans who shared stories about their time in the service. The event was rewarding for the team in the spirit of giving back to the climbing community and had an extremely inspirational time doing it.

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Paradox Gunks Rock 086_sm1.jpg
Six cadets on the West Point Climbing Team supported a Paradox Sports event Oct. 26-28 in New Paltz. Courtesy Photo