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Public Affairs : Cadets compete in clay target championships

Skeet and Trap Club cadets compete
Staff Reports

WEST POINT, N.Y. (April 8, 2013) — The West Point Skeet and Trap Team recently attended the 2013 ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas, where they competed against teams from 60 colleges and universities.

For the 10 participating cadets the competition, stretching from March 26-April 1, provided an opportunity to represent the Academy and to post an admirable series of scores in the six main events.

Overall, the USMA Skeet and Trap Team turned out an impressive performance in many events beyond the scope of their normal competition venue. Day one was marked by USMA A and B squad’s participation in 5-Stand Sporting Clays and traditional Sporting Clays. These events feature numerous stations, each with its own arrangement of throwers which presents the shooter with unique angles and presentations. Although the cadets have seen these types of games before, they are among the hardest and most interesting clays games. High score of the events went to Class of 2014 Cadet Derek Brown with an 81/100 and 38/50, respectively.

The USMA A and B squads also competed in International Skeet, a fast-paced game which features a low-gun start not overly familiar to American shooters. High gun for this event went to Class of 2014 Cadet Andrew Laib with a 75/100. The International Trap event is a high-speed game that features the unique opportunity to follow each escaping bird with a second shell for no penalty. This feature is a trade-off for much faster than normal birds which are mounted in a highly variable thrower. High score of the day went to Class of 2014 Cadet Dylan Matheny with a 93/100.

The USMA A squad put up a highly respectably score, led by Class of 2013 Cadet Mo Khan and Laib, shooting a 97/100 and 96/100 respectively. This earned them 5th place as a team, a strong showing for the team given the stiff competition from larger schools at the competition. The team closed out the competition with American Trap and the high gun went to Brown with an impressive 98/100 birds. Almost all of the cadets put up a score in the mid 90s, leading to a strong collective performance.
The West Point Skeet and Trap Team attended the 2013 ACUI Clay Target Championships and competed against 60 colleges and universities across the nation March 26-April 1. Courtesy photos

By the end of the competition, the Skeet and Trap Club cadets were able to test their mettle against other collegiate athletes as well as simply represent the Academy far away from home. Many of the cadets had the good fortune to have their parents present throughout the shoot, offering an opportunity for parents to see their sons in competition. Additionally, the cadets had the opportunity to visit the Alamo and eat dinner on the San Antonio Riverwalk. For everyone involved, the ACUI Nationals competition was an opportunity to shoot at the national level and to take a few days to bond with family and make new friends, creating new friendships while cementing old ones.