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Public Affairs : Civilian Public Affairs Committee

Civilian Public Affairs Committee
The Civilian Public Affairs Committee (CPAC) was formed in October 1955 and serves as a Public Affairs Committee for the United States Military Academy. The members represent some of the top Public Relations firms and Fortune 500 companies in the nation. The CPAC members volunteer their time and expertise to the academy and provide West Point counsel on Public Affairs initiatives and serve as professional liaisons to the Civilian Public Relations sector.


To provide objective, seasoned, professional advice to the Superintendent on public, government and community affairs issues likely to affect the reputation, standing, growth and future development of the United States Military Academy.
CPAC Members​
Ms. Meggan Abboud​ Ms. Jolie Hunt
Mr. Nicholas J. Ashooh​ Mr. Vada Manager​
Mr. Steve Cody Mr. Donald McGrath
Mr. Carl Folta Ms. Jean Statler