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Public Affairs : Class of 2014 Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony marks memorable milestone for Class of 2014 

By Kathy Eastwood
Staff Writer
WEST POINT, N.Y. (Aug. 28, 2013) — Nearly a thousand firsties attended one of the last few milestones before graduation as they gathered to receive their class rings at Trophy Point Aug. 23.

“Today, this ceremony represents our continued dedication to the tradition and principles on which the Long Gray Line and our history was founded,” said Class of 2014 Warren Geary, chairman of the ring and crest committee. “Encompassed in the heart of this institution is the spirit of service and sacrifice. When members of the Corps take their place in the Long Gray Line, they are not only armed with a degree, but also with a piece of this institution itself, their class ring. But what makes the ring special is not the crest engraved upon them, nor the ornate stones that decorate them, but the history encompassed in the metal.”

Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Richard Clarke told the Class of 2014 the ring symbolizes more than the 39-months of hard work the firsties have completed.

“It symbolized laughter, successes, challenge, but more importantly, camaraderie that will bind you all together,” Clarke said. “For you cadets, it must seem like yesterday that you marched in Ike Hall June, 2010, or that you went into Robinson Auditorium for your affirmation oath. And now you are here on Trophy Point to be presented your class ring. My, how time flies.” 

The Class of 2014 assembled at Trophy Point Aug. 23 with their tactical officers and non-commissioned officers for the Ring Ceremony. The event is a significant milestone in the lives of firsties at the U.S. Military Academy as they move closer to the end of their 47-month journey toward graduation and commissioning into the U.S Army as second lieutenants. Photo by John Pellino/DPTMS
The Ring Ceremony is a milestone for firsties during their final year at the U.S. Military Academy. The Class of 2015 assembled at Trophy Point Aug. 23 to receive their class rings among hundreds of family members and invited guests. Photo by Kathy Eastwood 

One of the great milestones in the lives of firsties at the U.S. Military Academy, the Class of 2017 participates in the Ring Ceremony at Trophy Point Aug. 23. The school rings represent how far they have come and how short a time to go to graduation. Photo by John Pellino/DPTMS

Geary said he stood along with the class leadership last March when 21 donors entrusted their ring and the rings of their loved ones to safekeeping of the Class of 2014. Since the inauguration of the Ring Melt 13 years ago, 293 rings have been donated, including 36 last March for the Class of 2014.

Attending the Ring Ceremony were three 50-year class affiliates, Col. Dan Evans, Col. Tom Kullman and Bob McCory. These Class of 1964 alumni also donated their rings for the Ring Melt Program which bonds them to the Class of 2014 rings and future classes.