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Public Affairs : Club Report 12FEB2015

The Club Report 
(Updated Feb. 12, 2015; 3:35 PM)
ClubSoccer_Feb 2015.jpg
Soccer Club: The West Point Cadet Soccer Club participated in the 2015 Philadelphia Flames SC 17th annual Indoor Soccer Tournament Feb. 8 in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

The team traveled with a mixed squad of returning and new players, preparing for the tourney with volunteer Robert Partridge. The team finished third in the competition out of 10 teams after playing five matches with 16 goals for and 8 goals against (3-1-1 record).

The club soccer team had the opportunity to play the U.S. Naval Academy club team, winning with a 6- 2 score. Class of 2018 Cadet Macauley Hoyt was the leading scorer with eight goals including three for a hat-trick against the Navy. Other top scorers were Class of 2016 Cadet Samuel Dowd with four goals and Class of 2016 Cadet Kyle Morris with two goals.
Cadet Competitive Cyber Team: The Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T) recently competed head-to-head with the other service academies at CyberStakes Live Jan. 29-Feb. 1 at the Soldier and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pittsburgh. Cadets and midshipmen participated as teams and individuals in a variety of security challenges in this DARPA-sponsored competition, with highlights including the new Joint Capture the Flag (CTF) event in which mixed participants from each of the academies into new groups.

This year also introduced a complex and challenging Cold Boot challenge. A fully encrypted storage device provides a high level of confidentiality while a system is off, but when it is powered on encryption keys may be stored directly in a protected area of the computer’s memory. This event gave participants the task of extracting these keys directly from memory by chilling the memory to help preserve its state and then transferring it to another system in order to bypass memory protections.

CyberStakes is an Olympic style event with awards for each event, but no overall ranking. Members of C3T won awards in the Cold Boot, Live CTF, Joint CTF and Lock picking events. This event was designed to give students from each of the academies an opportunity to network, engage in friendly competition, learn new skills, and sow the seeds for future joint cyber operations. To learn more, read the DOD story at:
Paintball: Twenty-seven members of the Close Combat team attended MSATO’s Operation DEFCON Jan. 23-25 in East Shoreham, New Jersey, to practice and validate MOUT and woodland training acquired during the summer and academic year.

It was a two-day military simulation event in which the West Point team participated as coalition forces. The area of operation was an abandoned nuclear power plant full of large and complex rooms and hallways, and the event was honored to have as one of its commanders, former Delta Force operator Dale Comstock.
Spectrum: Cadets from the U.S. Military Academy's Gay-Straight Alliance, "Spectrum," attended the Harvard University LGBTQ Student Conference Feb. 6-8, planned and executed by a team of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School students, many of whom are West Point graduates.

Two conference chairmen, Dan Lennox (USMA Class of 2007) and Larry Choate III (USMA Class of 2009), were the first same-sex couple (and USMA graduates) to wed in the Cadet Chapel at West Point. The conference theme this year was "Connect and Catalyze." featuring an inspirational lineup of notable leaders across a variety of industries in America. The conference opened with the 12th Dean of Harvard Law School, Martha Minnow, who welcomed the cadets to the 2nd annual conference.

Cadets also were given the chance to interact and socialize with students from all of the schools at Harvard University and learn about the politics of social justice movements, and the importance of authentic leadership and courage in leading or participating in movements focused on aligning the nation's laws with the nation's values. 
Skeet and Trap: The Skeet and Trap team enjoyed an unforgettable pheasant hunt Sunday at the Mashomack Preserve Club, one of the finest shooting and hunting clubs in the eastern United States.

The team was accompanied by the superintendent, who joined the cadets and the Mashomack club members in a highly successful hunt with many birds bagged.

Following the hunt, the team was treated to a gourmet lunch and a brief program with presentations by the superintendent, the team officer-in-charge and the Mashomack leadership. This exhausting and fun-filled day will long be remembered by all participants as one of the highlights of the team’s season.

The West Point Skeet and Trap club traveled Feb. 1 to Mount Pleasant Shooting Club at their range near Pleasantville, New York. After an in-route exercise in mounted land navigation, the team arrived to a warm welcome by the club’s members, including veterans from the Korean War era to veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The team enjoyed a lunch that reflected the Italian heritage of the majority of the club’s members. The competition included 100 rounds of American and handicap trap. At the end of the day, the cadets came out on top by two targets, narrowly defeating the home club.
Alpine Skiing: The West Point Alpine Ski team competed, Jan. 31-Feb. 1, in a two-day Mideast Conference collegiate ski race at Greek Peak, New York, hosted by Cornell University.

Six members of the team participated in both the Slalom and Giant Slalom, taking third-place overall in the Giant Slalom out of nine teams in the competition, just seconds in combined time behind Cornell and RPI. Class of 2018 Cadet Sawyer Harkins finished in the top 10 in both events, earning fifth place in the Slalom out of more than 40 competitors. The cadets finished fifth in Slalom.
Cadet Community on Civil Military Operations: Soldier For Citizens club members sorted food at a Cornwall food bank Feb. 7 that will benefit those in need from the Hudson Valley.
Men’s Volleyball: The Men’s Volleyball team hosted a divisional tournament of the EIVA East Division Feb. 7. Six other teams competed in a round robin tournament that determines points for qualifying for the EIVA Championship. Army struggled to incorporate new players for the spring season into its line up and was only able to win one match. However, the experience of playing against top competition in the region will assist the team long term in playing better.