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Public Affairs : New cadets complete first half of CBT

An early morning regimental run brought the new cadets and cadre together for the final day of the Cadet Basic Training's first detail.  An awards ceremony followed the run and a change of command ceremony later on would recognize a new cadre to continue the training for the Class of 2017.

One is done: New cadets finish first half of CBT
Story and photos by Mike Strasser
Assistant Editor

WEST POINT, N.Y. (July 21, 2013) —The new cadets and the Cadet Basic Training cadre gathered early July 21 to conduct a regimental run and awards ceremony to conclude the first half of CBT.

After three weeks of training which culminated in the daylong Lambka Challenge to test the new cadets on the skills and knowledge they learned, it was time for the regiment to gather and acknowledge its achievements.

During the awards ceremony, Class of 2014 Cadet Lindsey Danilack, CBT regimental commander, announced that this class had not only all qualified on marksmanship but also recorded 60 experts in this class.

“Those numbers aren’t the standard—they are above the standard. You have accomplished some incredible things in this detail, new cadets,” Danilack said.

The award for best marksmanship was presented to New Cadet Grant Manning of Company E. The regiment’s top shooter recorded both the best qualifying and combat field fire scores. The award for best squad in drill competition was earned by Co. D’s 2nd Platoon for demonstrated the best precision and discipline in drill and ceremony during the regimental competition.

The award for best new cadet went to New Cadet Tyler Rose of Co. G. The best squad leader award was presented to Co. B’s Cadet Sgt. Samantha Allen (’15) and the best platoon sergeant award went to Cadet Sgt. Logan Pearce (’15) from Co. G. These awards were presented to cadets who have demonstrated superior levels of performance during the first detail of CBT and stood out among their peers.

Awards for the Lambka Challenge were presented to 1st Squad, 4th Platoon, Co. A—Best Squad and Co. E—Best Company.

The best company award for CBT1 was earned by Company E.

“New cadets, you will be moving into CBTII as well as the academic year and you will have a chance to prove to yourselves and the rest of the Corps…that you can be the best class to ever pass through Cadet Basic Training,” Danilack said. “The Class of 2017 is the standard and lives the standard.”

Before the day ended, the new cadets participated in a change of command ceremony where the regimental staff and cadre relinquished responsibilities for training to a new group of cadet leadership.  

The new cadets give a thumbs up, having successfully completed the first half of Cadet Basic Training with a regimental run July 21. Later, a change of command ceremony will recognize a new cadre to take charge of the Class of 2017 for the final weeks of summer training.

The Cadet Basic Training cadre had but a few hours left with the new cadets before relinquishing their responsibilities to a new group of cadet leadership July 21. The day began with a regimental run and awards ceremony for the first detail of CBT. The new cadets would enjoy a few hours of respite during New Cadet Visitation Day.