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Nordic Ski : News Archive

News Archive
USCSA National Competition, Bethel, ME, 5-10MAR123/5/2012

The Men’s and Women’s West Point Nordic Ski Teams competed in the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Conference (USCSA) Nationals meet from March 5-10, 2012 in Bethel, Maine. This year’s National’s meet consisted of four events: 1.5km Classic-technique Individual Sprint, a 8.5km Skate-technique Individual Race, a 3 x 5km Classic Technique Team Relay, and a 15km Classic-technique Individual Race.

James Bassette (’14) was West Point’s top male performer, with an outstanding 4th place finish in the 1.5km Classic Sprint. Other strong performances from team captain Neil Kanneberg (‘12) and Sam Anderson (’15) enable the men to take 3rd Place as a team in the 1.5km Classic Sprint.

James Bassette continued to lead the team throughout the rest of the week, taking 7th in the 15km Classic race and 15th in the 8.5km Skate race. The men’s team collectively pulled together strong performances in both the 15km Classic and 3 x 5km Classic Relay, taking 4th in both.

The Women were led by Jordan Roth (’15) who pulled in a strong performance against extremely tough competition in the 8.5km Skate race, finishing 26th. Kayla Hodges was the top female performer in the 15km Classic race, finishing 29th.

This off season, the team will continue training and competing in a variety of alternate endurance events and looks forward to great year of competition in the 2013 season.
ECSC Regional Meet, Jericho, VT, 18-19FEB122/18/2012
The West Point Nordic Ski Team competed in their conference Regional meet, the qualifier for Nationals, on 18 & 19 February 2012 at Camp Ethan Allen in Jericho, VT. Weather conditions were tough as warm weather and rain the week prior covered much of the course in ice but both teams were still able to qualify for their National meet.

Saturday’s competition included a 14K classic technique distance race and a 1K classic sprint. Leading the men was James Bassette (’14), who placed 4th both in the 14K classic race and 1K classic sprint race. Also performing with distinction included freshman Sam Anderson (’15), who finished 9th in both the 14K and 1K races, as well as senior team captain, Neil Kanneberg (’12), who finished 11th in the 14K and 1K races. The efforts of these three cadets earned the West Point team 2nd Place in both events.

Jordan Roth (’15) pulled in a very strong performance for the women. She finished 13th in the 14K classic race and pulled out a last minute win in the 2nd Place bracket of the women’s sprint, earning her 5th place overall in that event. The West Point women placed 3rd overall in the 14K race and 2nd in the 1K classic sprint race based on the strong performances by Roth as well as seniors Kalya Hodges and Haley Johnson.

On Sunday, the team competed in their final event of the weekend, an 8K skate technique ski race. James Bassette finished the race in 5th and also scoring for the men were Sam Anderson and Charles Cal (’14), resulting in a 3rd place team finish in the event.

For the women in the 8K skate race, Jordan Roth finished 11th with Haley Johnson and Kayla Hodges finishing close behind in 17th and 18th place, respectively, earning the women 3rd place as a team.

Overall for the weekend, James Bassette turned in a 3rd place finish in all events combined while the team finished in 2nd overall. Jordan Roth was the women’s top overall finisher in 9th with the women’s team finishing in 3rd, one point shy of taking second. Congratulations to both teams as they qualified for the National meet to be held in Bethel, Maine from 5-9MAR12.
ECSC Divisional Meet, The VIC, Paul Smiths, NY 11-12FEB122/11/2012
The West Point Nordic Ski Team competed in their conference Divisional Meet this weekend at Paul Smiths College located 30 minutes north of Lake Placid, New York. Due to limited snow, the meet was moved from Prospect Mountain, Vermont to Paul Smiths and the team was only able to compete in the skate technique.

The women started things off at 1300 on Saturday with a 10K skate race through the Adirondack wilderness. Continuing to lead the West Point women was freshman, Jordan Roth, who finished the course in 43:37 and 18th in a very strong group of racers. Close behind her were seniors Kayla Hodges and Haley Johnson who finished the race in 44:55 and 45:51, respectively. The men’s race began on the heels of women’s race at 1345. Leading the men was senior Mike Kerper who finished 12th in a field of 47 with a time of 30:13. Freshman Sam Anderson and sophomore James Bassette finished not far behind at 16th and 17th, respectively, and the men’s team finished 3rd overall.

With temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Sunday morning, the men and women competed in a 1.5K skate technique sprint race. West Point had an outstanding showing at the sprint event with James Bassette taking 1st. Jordan Roth and Kayla Hodges both had outstanding performances as well, making it to the final heat.

Next weekend the team heads back to Camp Ethan Allen, the Vermont National Guard training facility, where they will compete in the Regional qualifier to determine who will go to the National competition to be held in Bethel, Maine from 5-9MAR12.

Go West Point Nordic Skiing!
Cornell Invitational, Craftsbury, VT, 4-5FEB122/4/2012
This past weekend the team competed in the Cornell Invitational, which had a (slight!) venue change in order to find enough snow on which to race. Originally scheduled for the Saratoga Biathlon Club in Day, NY, Cornell relocated the Invitational to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury Common, VT, where there was plenty of snow and lots of Nordic action.

The weather this weekend was favorable, with sunny days and cold temps. Although the snow was a little icy due to recent rain, our team members found excellent wax combinations that made their skis quite fast, and most of the skiers had speedy trips around the course.

Saturday's races were Freestyle races, with Women racing at 1300, and Men at 1430. Our female Plebe, Jordan Roth, came in 14th overall with a time of 43:31. Firstie Kayla Hodges was right behind Jordan in 15th place with a time of 43:55, while Firstie Haley Johnson completed the Army women's participation, finishing in 19th place with a time of 45:12. Army women finished 3rd overall in the team rankings, behind Clarkson (1) and Cornell (2), and ahead of Hamilton (4) and Wellesley (5). In the Men's Freestyle, Yearling James Bassette finished in 6th place overall, with a time of 29:02, while Plebe Sam Anderson was the second Army finisher in 11th place, completing the course in 31:52. The third Men's finisher for Army was Yearling Charles Cal, coming in at 15th overall, with a time of 30:40. Army came in third overall in team standings, behind #1 Clarkson and #2 Cornell, and ahead of #4 Paul Smiths College and #5 Hamilton. The rest of the Army field finished as follows:

17 - Michael Kerper 31:01
24 - Mike Zweifel 33:47
25 - Joel Bassette 33:54
28 - Neil Kanneberg 34:55
31 - Nick Kazmer 35:10
32 - Keenan Dillard 35:21
41 - Josh Litofsky 40:31
43 - Brandon Burns 42:34

On Sunday, in the Classic races, men took the course first, and we saw an Army STRONG finish! James Bassette flew around the 10k course in 31:30, coming in 3rd overall! Sam Anderson finished in 8th with a time of 32:34, and Joel Bassette complete the Army top three in 12th place, finishing in 34:08. These great finishes brought Army in at 2nd in the team standings, behind #1 Clarkson and ahead of Cornell, Paul Smiths and Hamilton. The rest of our men finished in the following order:

15 - Charles Cal 34:49
17 - Neil Kanneberg 35:11
19 - Nick Kazmer 35:28
24 - Michael Kerper 37:50
27 - Keenan Dillard 38:01
28 - Mike Zweifel 38:10
37 - Brandon Burns 47:07
39 - Josh Litofsky 48:00

Army Women finished the Classic in the same order they finished the Freestyle race (Jordan Roth, Kayla Hodges, Haley Johnson) but due to the length of our return trip from Craftsbury Common to West Point, the team departed before finishing results were available. We'll put the times on our Facebook site ( when we get them.

Austine Scales, our female Yearling (not skiing due to a knee injury), and Laura Mosher, OIC for this trip, served as photographers for the weekend's events. Check Facebook for documentation in pictures of the team's latest efforts and successes.

Go West Point Nordic!

Laura Mosher
Clarkson Invitational, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid, NY, 28-29JAN121/28/2012
Race was cancelled due to a lack of snow.
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