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Network Science Center : 1st Annual Financial Networks Workshop

1st Annual Financial Networks Workshop 7-8 April 2011

The Workshop: 7-8 April 2011
The workshop was held at the Thayer Hotel at West Point. Registration in the lobby was followed by a guided tour of West Point by Dr. James for 11 people. Immediately after the tour workshop participants were invited to an ice breaker in Patton’s tavern. Fourteen people attended the ice breaker.
On Friday the workshop began with breakfast and a welcome by Dr. Arney and an overview of the Network Science Center by Dan Evans.
Dr. Cesar Hidalgo gave the first of the morning talks on economic diversity.
After his talk there was an open discussion time where workshop participants could discuss his research and other topics related to it. Dan Evans and Margaret Moten spoke next on the research they have been doing using a network science approach to study frontier markets.
The Presentations:
Cesar A. Hidalgo: ABC Career Development Professor, MIT Media Lab, Faculty Associate, Center for International Development, Harvard University 

Margaret M. Moten: Senior Research Associate, Network Science Center, West Point
Daniel Evans: Deputy Director, Assistant Professor, Network Science Center, West Point

Cadets Jack Balstad, Kelley Cassidy, and Evan Szablowski

Kimmo Soramäki

Co-Pierre Georg

Three cadets, Jack Balstad, Kelley Cassidy (not pictured) and Evan Szablowski, who recently traveled to Prague to gather data for the Frontier Market project were able to give a short brief on how they collected data on the key people in the Prague financial community.
Kimmo Soramäki gave a talk right after lunch on the Financial Network Analyzer he is helping to develop and interbank payment systems.
Co-Pierre Georg was the last speaker of the day. He spoke on contagion and the effects of interbank network structure on financial stability. All talks were followed by discussion periods where the workshop participants could ask questions about further research and applications.