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Network Science Center : Anthony Johnson

LTC Anthony Johnson, Ph.D.
has served in the Army for over 24 years as both an enlisted soldier and as an officer. As an enlisted signal soldier he served inLTC JOHNSON.jpg a

variety of assignments culminating as the Assistant Director and
Fiber Optic Cable System NCOIC for the White House Communications Agency. As an officer he served as an airborne signal platoon leader, executive officer, and battalion adjutant. In the Republic of Korea, he commanded the 201st Signal Company, and served as the Director of the Area II Directorate of Information Management (DOIM). He is a United States Military Academy Department of Mathematics Academy Professor, where he combines his signal communications experience with his academic background in mathematics to explore and exploit networks. In 2009, he deployed with the United States Forces Iraq and served as the Chief of Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Operations and Deputy to the JIEDDO IRAQ Field Team Commander. He travelled to Forward Operating Bases and taught network analysis techniques to CENTCOM forces in stationed both Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, he is the Director of the Network Science Center.
LTC Johnson's interests are focused on applying graph theory and stochastic differential equations to model challenging problems in social network analysis. He has previously developed finite element solutions of partial differential equations to simulate the scattering properties of buried IEDs and investigated numerical methods to solve ordinary differential equations in particular Predictor-Corrector Implicit Methods and Explicit Newmark-Beta algorithms for first and second order differential equations. He is a passionate mathematician and continuously seek way to apply his craft to solve battlefield problems.
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