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Network Science Center : CDT Carl Rios

CDT Carl Rios
is an international history major at West Point with a focus on African and Latin American History.  He first became involved with network science through the “Hidden Hand” project with MAJ John Ringquist and Dr. Charles Thomas, a research study done to better understand Tanzania’s great record of stability in stark contrast to its neighboring states through the analysis of its political and military networks.  CDT Rios has continued to explore the field of network science by taking classes offered through the math department as well as becoming a member of the Social Network Analysis Club (SNAC), and is currently the Secretary for SNAC.  He has applied network science in his studies in history in projects like “The Spatial Distribution of Genocide from the Center of Ensuing Chaos,” which used figures gathered from the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 that concerned communes and the onset of violence and their distance from Kigali City, the initial point of violence.  He is also working to create a geospatial network of the spread of violence committed on Harkis in the months after Algerian independence.