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Network Science Center : CDT Ian McWilliams

CDT Ian McWilliams
grew up in Concord, MA, and attended high school at Lawrence Academy in Groton, which he often remembers fondly for the close relationships he developed with the faculty there and the time he spent running cross-country and track. He applied to West Point during his senior year, but did not receive an appointment. He knew that he wanted to apply again, but decided to enroll in Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, to start his college education first. When he received his appointment after applying a second time, he had to make the very difficult choice of leaving Kenyon to pursue his goal of becoming an Army officer. Although it was a very challenging decision, he is extremely grateful for the opportunities that he now has as a cadet to develop into a leader for soldiers. He is also deeply thankful for his time at Kenyon College, which stimulated his personal development through classes, relationships with professors, and experiences on the cross-country and track teams. CDT McWilliams is a sociology major and enjoys spending his free time running, swimming, drawing, and staying in touch with friends and mentors from high school and college.