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Network Science Center : Cadet Research

Cadet Research

The projects listed below were shown during the 2013 Projects Day at West Point:

Democracy in Political Networks. Speakers: CDTs
Sam Terhaar, Jared Van Curen, Jason Wright, Zack Engen; NSC, Rm 119
The YouTube Controversialist: Topographic Analysis of Dynamic YouTube Comment Networks. Speakers: CDTs Bradley Hodgkins and Frederick Ulrich; NSC, Rm 119
Analyzing the Policy Implications of Military, Economic, and Diplomatic Networks. Adviser: Luke Gerdes; Speakers: CDTs Rob Delany Ben Potter, Jeffrey Nielsen, and Victoria Emerson. NSC, Rm 119
Athena Visualization Tool: Visual Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) of email communications recovered from captured battlefield electronic devices to assist in tactical and operational intelligence analysis and collection planning. Adviser: MAJ Ryan Tate; Speakers: CDTs Tony Kirkland, Larisa Tudor, Kyle Kiriyama; West Point Club Ballroom
Social Network Content Notification in Facebook. Speakers: CDTs Guillermo "Willie" Hernandez and Cory Kirk; West Point Club Ballroom
Identifying Sets of Epidemic Spreaders in Complex Networks. Speaker: CDT Geoffrey Moores; West Point Club Ballroom
A Scalable Heuristic for Viral Marketing Under the Tipping Model. Speaker: CDT Damon Paulo; West Point Club Ballroom

Leveraging Host Protein Network Topology to Identify Cancer-Causing Pathogens. Speaker: CDT Joseph Hannigan; West Point Club Ballroom
Locating Weapons Caches with the SCARE Software. Speaker: CDT Ellis Valdez; West Point Club Ballroom
Semantic Network Analysis to Gauge Sentiment Among Young Muslims: A Pilot Study Location. Adviser: Luke Gerdes; Speaker: CDT Vincent Schuele; EECS
Android Controlled Vulnerable-Aware Robot Swarms (AVARS). Adviser: COL Kevin Huggins; Speakers: CDTs Sean Coffey, Nolan Miles, Stephen Rogacki, Isaiah Salsman; EECS
The Modeling and Analysis of Social Media for Understanding the Influence Factors of Social Movements: Cadet Nicholas Wright; Thayer Room 120B
Modeling Irregular Warfare for Understanding Modern US Doctrine and Strategy: Cadet Allen Moss; Thayer Hall Room 120B
Using Data Analysis and Network Models to Combat Crime: Cadet Benjamin Potter; Thayer Hall 120B
Civil Affairs Veterinary and Agricultural Assessment, Analysis and Planning Methodology: Cadets Michael Regan, Tom Ott, Armando Pena, and Travis Hinds; Jefferson Hall TBD

Identifying and Isolating Influential Subgroups in Social Media Networks: Cadet Jeffery Nielson;
Thayer Hall 120B

Effective Measures for Predicting Spread in SIS Models: Cadet Robert Delany; Thayer Hall 120A