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Network Science Center : Charles Levine

MAJ Charles Levine
Charles Levine: Charles holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Charleston and is currently an instructor in the Dept of Mathematics at West Point. He is an Infantry Major in the US Army, having 14 years of service. As a staff officer in Baghdad (2006), he focused on Division level lethal targeting and theater level counter-IED operations. He has over two years of an airborne infantry company command in both Iraq (2007) and Afghanistan (2009). In conjunction with the Theater Biometrics Command, he established a vetting and biometric badging system for the largest power plant in Iraq. His experience includes company and battalion level HUMINT and SIGINT targeting; extensive kinetic operations involving multiple local government agencies; and combined operations and development with Iraqi and Afghan security forces. He has done joint operations with US Special Operations Forces, The Polish Battle Group, and USAID and Dept of State.