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Network Science Center : Michael Lanham

LTC Michael Lanham, Ph.D. Candidate
is a PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University. He is studying under Dr. Kathleen M. Carley at the Center for Computation Analysis for Social and Organizational Systems in the School of Computer Science and the Institute of Software Research. LTC Lanham is an Infantry officer who served with 3rd ID(Mech) in Germany and with the 101st ABN DIV(AASLT). He earned is BS degree from North Carolina State University in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He earned his MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida prior to becoming a Functional Area 53 Information Systems Management officer. He has taught Computer Science and Information Technology at University of Florida and the US Military Academy. He has also served as a Branch Chief in US Strategic Command’s System Certification (J65) Division, a Technical Manager (J35) and Deputy CIO at the Joint Functional Component Command Integrated Missile Defense, a CNO planner at JFCC Network Warfare, the Information Assurance Program Manager at United States Army Central, and an operations planner at Army Cyber Command and Army Strategic Command. His current research interests are in social and organizational modeling (e.g. C2, IA, CND, NetOps) as applied to resilient command and control and mission assurance. He is currently involved in projects involving multi-modeling of nuclear deterrence and applied network simulations.