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Network Science Center : Nick Sambaluk

Nick Sambaluk, Ph.D

Dr. Nick M Sambaluk is a scholar of security policy and technology issues in the Cold War.  His newest work, 'Deciding National Space Policy, 1954-61,' is under consideration by Bloomsbury Press.  It examines the formation of national space policy during the mid Cold War era and the impact of service doctrine and presidential priorities.  Earlier work appears in the journal Cold War History.  Nick's next research projects also engage with the intersection of security policy and the leveraging of technology and innovation.
Nick is an Assistant Professor of History at USMA, teaching military history courses and designing the Academy's course on technology and innovation. Although a young scholar having received his PhD in 2012, Nick has taught a range of courses, at USMA, at the University of Kansas, and in Europe:  US history, Humanities and Western Civilization, and western Eurasia since the end of the Second World War.  Nick currently also serves as the Lead Historian for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology's project called the Technology Wargaming Initiative.  
Nick is coordinating an edited volume project, 'Paths to Innovation,' in which West Point's historians explore innovation issues through an array of case studies.