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MAJ John Childress &
Marie Childress

(And Family)


Hometown:  Roanoke, Virginia

OCF Role:  Officers in Charge
Passion:  I desire to both enable OCF to work with the Corps and also to be a vibrant testimony of God's love and purpose to the military community of Cadets and Officers at West Point.

Cadet in Charge
Blake Bucknam Hometown: Boulder, Colorado 
Major:  International Relations
OCF Role:  Cadet in Charge. Leads by serving the Core Team and OCF.
Vision: I grew up in a Christian household with 3 brothers and my parents.  In 8th grade I began to better understand the concept of having a true relationship with Jesus Christ, and that year I asked to get baptized while on a missions trip on the Amazon River.  My personal goal for myself and for OCF this year is that we can glorify God in all that we do.  I pray that we can live out 1 John 4:19, and love others simply because He first loved us.  A common vision of myself and other cadets in charge of other Christian clubs at West Point is for the Kingdom of God to be magnified at West Point.  We are seeking this year to be unified within the cadet ranks, as the West Point church as a whole seeks God this academic year.
Assistant Cadet in Charge
William Pinkerton Home State: Grew up in Africa (my parents were missionaries there)
Major:  Civil Engineering
OCF Role:  Assistant Cadet in Charge. Manage emails and reminders. Help organize functions when needed and fill in for Blake (CIC) is his absence.
Goal: I am super excited for OCF this year. Over the past three years OCF has helped me grow so much in my walk with Jesus Christ. By bing ACIC I hope to make it possible for others to have the same OCF experience that I have had at West Point. 
Worship Team Leader
Seth King Home State  Florida
Major:  Information Technology
OCF Role:  Worship Team Leader. Provides music for those who come to OCF that helps them focus on the person of God, allowing them to worship him and prepare to hear His voice.
Vision:  My aim is to make the worship minsitry not only a service to OCF but more importantly a service to the Lord. Whether it is making ourselves available for help, being on time, and always being present when needed, the worship team will worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth and will help the body of believers do the same by focusing on drawing closer to Him in all that we do.
Women's Ministry Leader
Holly Schlotterbeck

Hometown:  Gilbert, AZ
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
OCF Role:  Women's Ministry Leader. Serves women by helping them strive to get to know Christ more in their own personal lives, to have a deep love for God that is un-quenchable.

Desire: My desire for the women in OCF this year is that our love for God and others grows according to Philippians 1: 9-11 as we learn and encourage one another so that we may discern what is true and good as we live our lives for God's glory.

Assistant Women's Ministry Leader
Amanda Harrison Home State  Virginia
Major:  Economics
OCF Role:  Assistant Women's Ministry Leader. Serve the women in OCF by helping them grow in faith and through encouragement.
Short Statement: Serve the women of OCF at USMA by helping them participate in fellowship and grow in their love for Christ to enable them to become more prepared to serve as Christian leaders.
Men's Ministry Leader
Christ Kolster Home State: Nebraska
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
OCF Role:  Men’s Ministry Leader
Goal: To equip the men of OCF to become more grounded in their faith through fellowship and Bible study.
Assistant Men's Ministry Leader
Ivan Martinez Hometown: San Diego, CA
Major:  Latin American Studies
OCF Role:  Assistant Men's Ministry Leader
Goal:  My goal for this year is to serve as an instrument of God's will in OCF and in the corps.
Support Leader
Andy Oswald
Home State: Texas
Major: Electrical Engineering
OCF Role: Support Leader
Goal: Support and resource the operations of OCF, and give God glory in the process.
Assistant Support Leader
Luke Miller
Hometown: Cedaredge, CO
Major: Computer Science
OCF Role: Assistant Support Leader
Purpose: I came to West Point to serve. In my two years here, OCF has become a large part of my life and I am looking forward to giving back to it. By serving as Assistant Support Leader, I hope God will use me to enable many great events for us.
Service and Outreach Leader
Michale Fung
Home State: California
Major: Engineering Psychology
OCF Role: Service and Outreach Leader
Statement: I think God has called me to truely serve others this year. I will find events in which OCF can help serve the local population around West Point. In addition, I hope to really reach out to the corps of cadets. I hope to challenge members of OCF to really go outside of thier comfort zone in reaching out to their friends. And though we may not be able to directly minister to them, I hope to plant the seeds that will point them towards Christ.
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