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West Point Academic Staff
Vice Dean
Dr. Jean Blair, Ph.D.

Curriculum, accreditation, assessment, strategy and policy, technology, and academic support including the library.


Director of the Dean's Staff
COL James J. Raftery Jr.

Personnel, facility, information and educational technology, fiscal planning and management, and research support; Operations/Administration and Cadet Operations/Management: new cadets, placement/validation, calendar, academic advising, academic deficiencies/probation, grades, graduation check/degree audit, cadet information system, cadet and classroom scheduling, grades, transcripts, and Dean's date queries.

Staff Offices

Dean's Operations Office - Ms. Bernadette Ortland

Executive Officer to the Dean - MAJ Lou Nemec

Executive Assistant to the Dean - Ms. Rosemarie Smith

Information Technology - COL Ron Dodge

Institutional Research - LTC Holly West

Institute for Innovation and Development - COL John Graham

International Intellectual Development Division - LTC Kathleen Taylor

Operations and Registrar - Dr. James Dalton

Plans and Resources - Dr. James Loy

Strategy and Policy - LTC Holly West

United States Military Academy Library - Dr. Christopher Barth