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Interested in Being a Sponsor? 

Unlike typical interns, cadets cannot be paid a salary during their internship because they are technically federal employees, receiving a federal salary. Instead, we ask sponsoring agencies to cover the costs of travel, per diem, and lodging which can range between $4,500 to $6,500 for a three week experience. Industry partners provide funding via a tax-deductible donation to the installation non-profit (AOG).

Sponsor Feedback

“It is great to work with the future leaders of our Army-to show them products in the pipeline and have them work in an area that theymay recognize in the future as a product they helped deliver.”

“Outstanding students - Outstanding work.”

“Not only did the internship program allow cadets to learn about acquisition and the processes we manage, but also allows new ideas, thought and creative ideas for us.”

“The cadet internship program was a great opportunity for a group of cadets to take an objective look at a large and complex Army problem.”

“Our cadet intern was able to closely examine our production line and identify that we were generating 750 lbs of waste every 15 minutes - highlighting the potential for huge cost savings!”

  • Sep-Nov: Interested Organizations Sign-up
  • Dec-Jan: Opportunities Advertized to Cadets
  • Feb: Cadets matched to Opportunities
  • End Feb: Cadet names and Funding Guidance
  • sent to Organizations
  • 1 Apr: Funding Deadline
  • May-Aug: Internships
Systems Engineering Internship Coordinator Gene Lesinski Tel: (845) 938-5897 Tel: (845) 729-3677 Sign-up Site: