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Operations Research Center of Excellence : Geospatial Planning Aids

Geospatial Planning Aids
Client: Army Geospatial Center


Assist with the development of the Common Ground Architecture which melds advanced actionable geospatial products into the battle command process. Elements of Common Ground will be considered for incorporation into Programs of Record next year (CPOF, GCCS, DCGS, etc)

  • Develop user client interface of Common Ground with Northrop Grumman and George Mason Unv.
  • Focus on major ideas within Common Ground
    • Engineered Knowledge – Enhance communication across service and echelon
    • Tactical Spatial Objects – Geospatial object extracted from terrain that describes military aspects of terrain, founded in doctrine
    • Digital Orders Process – Passing of digital objects during the orders process
orcen_research02b.pngTechnical Approach

Phase I: Software Development
  • Advise core structure of utilities
  • Assist with work priorities
  • User proxy for testing functionality
Phase II: Operational Utility Assessment
  • Facilitate BTRA Evaluation (~Nov)
  • Pilot Test at West Point (~May)
  • Designing, Planning, Executing complete training package for all exercise participants
  • Program of Instruction (OUA1) complete
  • Program of Instruction (OUA2)
  • Technical report (Aug ‘12