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SOF Incentives Analysis
Client: US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)


To analyze the intended goals of the system of special pays and incentives, in order to develop and analyze feasible alternatives, designed to meet both accession, retention, and skill proficiency goals of the organization's current and projected manning, resourcing, and mission requirements.

  • Investigate the “true pressure” on the force to analyze if the current special pays and entitlements are correct and/or sufficient for USASOC organizations.
  • Using past accession, retention, and personnel resourcing data to determine if there is a correlation between the special pays offered and the number of soldiers accessing and being retained within USASOC organizations.
Technical Approach
  • Systems engineering approach
  • System Decision Process (SDP)
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Historical data analysis
  • Value models
  • Analysis of incentives
  • Performance metrics
  • Quantification of benefits
  • Staffing recommendation
  • Technical report and briefings