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Paintball : About

Our Mission
West Point Paintball strives to excel in the development and competition of paintball. The mission of West Point Paintball is to provide a fun and competitive paintball experience to cadets who love to play paintball. We pride ourselves on our leader development, organization, and enthusiasm for paintball while building significant relationships with others. Our club continually aims to enhance the reputation of West point and to represent the Army in the most professional manner. We will strive to be recognized as a leader in tournament paintball, excel in scenario paintball, and provide a positive example of the professionalism and leadership of the United States Military Academy.
Our Vision
To bring a realistic representation of paintball to the West Point community and provide a positive image of West Point for the paintball community.
MAJ Ryan Goyings
(845) 938-4075
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
General Procedures:
Members of the club are engaged in a variety of professional development roles through the coordination and implementation of club activities. The primary mechanism to ensure cadet development is the planning and coordinating of paintball trips and competitions. The club is divided in two main groups. The competition team competes at the collegiate level and the MilSim club maintains the woods ball activities and hosts the semi-annual Combat Classic.

The club meets every Tuesday during the academic year according to the memorandum in Appendix A.

The Club operates as a competitive sports team under the supervision of DPE.

Cadets join the club by signing the attached counseling statement and remain active in the club and eligible for club trips by participating in at least two work opportunities each semester.

The tournament team and milsim club have specific uniform requirements IAW the sponsorship contacts.

The tournament team and the milsim club frequently have trip away from the academy. These trips vary each semester. The tournament team and the milsim club are required to train at various intervals to maintain proficiency.
Staff Organization