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Parachute Team : 2012 - WPPT Thanksgiving Training

WPPT Thanksgiving Training
From 21-25 November 2012, five cadets and three coaches from the West Point Parachute Team conducted student training in Marana, AZ. The training opportunity was the result of a gracious offer from the USAFA Parachute Team “Wings of Blue,” and all training occurred using their aircraft and ground crew. The cadets made between 10-15 jumps each, and four of the five cadets completed all of the Accelerated Freefall student requirements. There were zero injuries or malfunctions, and the Team maintained its great rapport and relationship with the USAFA Team. Cadets jumped a half-day on Thanksgiving and then shared the rest of the rest of the day and Thanksgiving dinner with Cadet Holihan’s family.

Members of the WPPT and PTWoBs

Coach Falzone and Cadet Trent Michels, ‘15

Coach Falzone training WPPT cadets from ‘15