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Parachute Team : 2013-WPPT Wind Tunnel Training

WPPT Wind Tunnel Training
From 16-18 February 2013, twenty-five cadets and an officer representative from the West Point Parachute Team conducted wind tunnel training in Nashua, NH. During the three day period, the Team utilized seven and a half hours of freefall time. While the upperclassmen focused on flying ability and coaching, the Plebe class prepared for their upcoming student course by gaining a basic understanding of body control and stability. There were no injuries or accidents during the training, and the Team maintained its excellent relationship with Tunnel staff and Armory representatives.

WPPT Cows practice relative work in the tunnel

WPPT Plebes learning the basic
body position for freefall

CDT Brandon Zwank prepares to
enter the wind tunnel

WPPT Members pose for a picture outside of the tunnel following a day of training