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Pipes and Drums : Specialty Uniform Items

Specialty Uniform Items
Upper Class Specific Items
Branch Insignia - Once 1st Class Cadets are branched they will wear bright Branch insignia on the lower left of kilt and when wearing Dress Grey over kilt they will wear brass on the sleeve of the dress grey. IAW USCC SOP.

Sgian-dubh - Optional wear for all full members of the band. Once Cadets earn their Band patch they may purchase a sgian-dubh for wear. It is worn on the right leg in the kilt hose. Blade must be within allowed regulations for Cadets (4-6 inches max).
Drum Major/Pipe Major/Pipe Sergeant Sash - Worn to identify members of the band serving particular duty positions. Drum Major and Drum Sergeant wear the sash from upper right shoulder to left hip. Pipe Major wears the sash from upper left shoulder to lower right hip. This is in accordance with military pipe band tradition.
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