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Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCAllen LTC Kenneth Allen Academy Professor 845.938.5042  
Photo of LTCAmber LTC Samual Amber Director SMDC RAC 845.938.3903  
Photo of Ms.Bale Ms. Catherine Bale CASE Deputy Director 845.938.3131  
Photo of Dr.Bitteker Dr. Leo Bitteker Assistant Professor 845.938.7915  
Photo of CPTBonnes CPT Anthony Bonnes Instructor 845.938.5433​  
Photo of MAJClark MAJ Anthony Clark Instructor 845.938.5802  
Photo of MAJCottrell MAJ Seth Cottrell Instructor 845.938.3683  
Photo of MAJDecker MAJ Andrew Decker Instructor 845.938.0094  
Photo of MAJEcheverria MAJ Nestor Echeverria Instructor 845.938.0208  
Photo of Dr.Fekete Dr. Paula Fekete Professor 845.938.4545  
Photo of MAJFitzgerald MAJ Shawn Fitzgerald Course Director 845.938.5805  
Photo of LTCFlorence LTC Louis Florence Assistant Professor 845.938.5810  
Photo of LTCGerving LTC Corey Gerving Assistant Professor 845.938.5895  
Photo of Dr.Harrell Dr. Lee Harrell Associate Professor 845.938.5012  
Photo of LTCHartke LTC John Hartke Deputy Department Head 845-938-3014  
Photo of CPTHaseman CPT Mark Haseman Instructor 845.938.2624  
Photo of MAJHeider MAJ Samuel Heider Instructor 845.938.2439  
Photo of Dr.Kashinski Dr. David Kashinski Assistant Professor 845.938.0184  
Photo of MAJKatauskas MAJ Alex F. Katauskas Instructor 845.938.2337  
Photo of MAJKoch MAJ Will Koch Instructor 845.938.5801  
Photo of Dr.Lainis Dr. Thomas Lainis Professor of Physics 845.938.3548  
Photo of MAJMarshall MAJ Eric Marshall Instructor 845.938.3241  
Photo of CPTMathis CPT Dean Mathis Instructor 845.938.2315  
Photo of CPTMclaughlin CPT Trevor Mclaughlin Instructor 845.938.2254  
Photo of MAJMcQuary MAJ Thomas McQuary NSERC Scientist 845.938.0532  
Photo of CPTMolgaard CPT Joshua Molgaard Instructor 845.938.3485  
Photo of Dr.Moretti Dr. Brian Moretti Academy Professor 845.938.3182  
Photo of COLNaessens COL Edward Naessens Department Head 845.938.3901  
Photo of MAJPeskie MAJ Ed Peskie Instructor 845.938.2650  
Photo of Dr.Pfenning Dr. Michael Pfenning Associate Professor 845.938.6468  
Photo of LTCPrins LTC Robert Prins Assistant Professor 845.938.4233  
Photo of MAJRice MAJ Reginald Rice Instructors 845.938.7828  
Photo of LTCSchools LTC Chad Schools Assistant Professor 845.938.2005  
Photo of Dr.Schultz Dr. Daniel Schultz Supervisory Physicist 845.938.5009  
Photo of LTCSentell LTC Shannon Sentell Assistant Professor 845.938.3047  
Photo of MAJShannon MAJ John Shannon Instructors 845.938.0577  
Photo of COLSheetz COL Kraig Sheetz Academy Professor 845.938.8611  
Photo of COLSones COL Bryndol Sones Academy Professor 845.938.4526  
Photo of LTCWilliams LTC David Williams Assistant Professor 845.938.4291  
Photo of MAJWyant MAJ Timothy J. Wyant Instructor 845.938.2344