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Research Operations : Leadership

About Research Activities


The Associate Dean for Research, Director of Research Operations, and the Academic Research Council serve as the Dean’s source of research information, outreach and oversight. They develop and implement the processes and programs to facilitate research by the cadets and faculty.

Associate Dean for Research

The Associate Dean for Research serves as the focal point for research and liaison to external research agencies. Advises the Dean on matters pertaining to academic research and leveraging faculty expertise to the Army and our nation. Provides the institutional oversight on all research activities and research resourcing at West Point.

COL John M. Graham, PhD, is West Point’s Associate Dean for Research & Chief Scientist. John’s education includes a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, a M.S. from Ohio State University and a B.S. from West Point. At the Academy, COL Graham’s assignments include Director of the West Point Network Science Center, Executive Officer to the Superintendent, Program Manager & Laboratory Director in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. His operational assignments include Deputy Commander and Senior Advisor Kabul, Afghanistan; Commander of the Army Space Control Detachment (OEF); as well as Scout Platoon Leader, Company Commander, Operations Officer and Logistics Officer in U.S. Army light divisions and Korea. He is Space Operations, Jumpmaster, and Ranger Qualified. His awards include the Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star, Joint and Army Meritorious Service medals. John also works with the Cadet Scoutmaster’s Council, Chairs the new West Point Honor’s Program and serves as a leader-mentor. His own research area is in Computational Sociology with focus on both insurgent network exploitation and leading organizational change.

Assistant Dean and Director of Research Operations

The Assistant Dean/Director of Research Operations supports the Associate Dean for Research and the Institute for Innovation and Development, by providing project management; strategic communications and outreach; departmental and research center collaboration; funds processing guidance and budgeting; and program assessment.

Dr. Elizabeth V. Velilla received her B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and her Ph.D. in Social Personality Psychology, from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Her general research area is learning and motivation, with a special interest in engagement and persistence in higher education. Dr. Velilla has served as the Human Protections Administrator (HPA) and subject matter expert on human research compliance for USA MEDDAC West Point-Keller Army Community Hospital and the United States Military Academy. In addition to her appointment as the Assistant Dean for the Institute for Innovation and Development and Director of Research Operations, Dr Velilla teaches PL100, General Psychology for Leaders, and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership.

Academic Research Council


    Fosters cooperation among West Point departments and research organizations to promote research activities at the Academy. Serves as an advisory and recommending body to the Dean on matters relating to academic research at West Point.

Academic Research Council (ARC) Roster for AY 2016

Voting Members​
​Name ​Department ​Remarks
LTC Anthony Johnson (ARC Chair) ​MATH ​NSC / CLD STEM
Dr. Jon Steigman (Deputy ARC Chair) ​DFL
LTC Luis Alvarez (Center Director) ​CLS ​CMS
LTC Paul Evangelista (Center Director) ​SYS(SE) ​ORCEN
LTC Phillip Root (Acting Center Director) ​CME ​CIE
Dr. Kathleen Campbell ​BSL
​LTC Naomi Mercer ​DEP
LTC Mindy Kimball (Center Director) ​GENE ​CEGS
Dr. David Frey (Center Director) ​HIST ​CHGS
Dr. Anthony DiSarro ​LAW
Dr. Thomas Sherlock ​SOSC
LTC Chad Schools ​PANE
LTC Michael Lanham (Center Director) ​EECS ​CRC
Non-Voting Members​
​​Name Department ​Remarks
Dr. John K. Wickiser ​CLS
Dr. John Farr (Center Director) ​SYS (SE) ​NRCD
LTC David Borowicz ​CME
COL John Graham ​IID
Dr. Elizabeth Velilla ​IID
Ms. Lesley Beckstrom ​IID
LTC Peter Kilner (Center Director) ​DEAN ​CALDOL
Mr. John Melkon (Center Director) ​GENE ​CSCMO
COL Andrew Lohman  ​GENE
LTC Steven Gariepy ​LAW
COL Dave Wallace ​LAW
LTC Eugene (John) Gregory (Center Director) ​DFL ​CLCRS
LTC Krista Watts (Center Director) ​MATH ​MSC/FDRF Subcommittee Chair
​​​LTC Louis Florence (Center Director) ​PANE ​PRC
Dr. Susan Carter ​SOCS ​OEMA
​LTC Bryan Price ​SOSC ​CTC
​Dr. Robert Goldstein ​LAW ​CRL
​MAJ(P) John C. Doss ​HIST