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NCEA Conference - Inspiring Honorable Living and Building Trust


 28th Anniversary of the NCEA Conference:  Superintendent LTG Robert Caslen has charged West Point to host a cadet-led National Conference on Ethics in America that is internal to West Point with the theme of Inspiring Honorable Living and Building Trust with the Corps of Cadets.  Any Cadet who believes in the Long Grey Lin121017_JP_081.jpge and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of character at the United States Military Academy should consider applying to attend NCEA.  Applications to attend NCEA will be distributed electronically through Corps wide emails beginning Monday, November 18, 2013.  The application deadline to attend NCEA is Friday, December 6, 2013.   

Eligibility to attend NCEA:  Cadets in the Plebe, Yearling, and Cow class are encouraged to apply to attend NCEA.  Half of the NCEA delegates will be Cadets from the Cow Class, one fourth will be Yearlings, and the remaining fourth will be Plebes.  Firsties will serves as Cadet Facilitators throughout the conference. 


Conference Format:  This year’s NCEA conference will include a mix of plenary speakers, round table discussions, seminars, and workshops requiring physical participation from Cadet delegates.  Informed by the plenary sessions, seminars, and workshops, each round table will engage in an in depth discussion of an assigned issue related to the conference theme of inspiring Cadets, living honorably, and building trust.  The round table groups will be facilitated by a team of a Firstie Cadet Facilitator, and a Faculty Facilitator.  Before the close of the conference, each round table will submit a 750 word paper to the Cadet Leadership Committee outlining the group’s specific and actionable recommendation for inspiring honorable living and building trust at West Point.   At the close of the conference, the Cadet Leadership Committee will provide an outbrief to Academy leadership in the presence of all Cadet delegates to present the recommendations from the round table groups.  This NCEA conference provides Cadets with a unique opportunity to improve the culture and practices at West Point. 

Hosted by The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic
and sponsored by the West Point Class of 1970