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Mrs. Kathleen M. Lawrence
Child, Couple and Family Counseling
Kathleen is an associate marriage and family therapist working with individuals, children, couples, and families dealing with a wide range of life issues. She is currently in private practice, having previously worked in the community mental health field where her focus was children in trauma, new foster families, and restoration of families dealing with drug addiction.
As part of her practice, Kathleen facilitates a variety of workshops and programs, including “Families Living with Multiple Sclerosis” and “Let’s Talk About Sex”, a conversation about sex, sexuality, gender roles and gender identity.
Kathleen was Chairman of the Board and co-facilitator of Foundations for Success, an organization dedicated to teaching motivation from compassion rather than from fear, where she facilitated programs for private groups and public sector agencies.
Kathleen received her Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University in Seattle. Kathleen’s undergraduate studies were in philosophy of religion, psychology, law, and business administration.
Prior to becoming a therapist, Kathleen worked for over 25 years in law and business where she originated real estate syndications of low income housing in over 20 states. She founded and was president of multiple mortgage and escrow companies, as well as real estate companies developing single and multi-family residential projects. She worked with her husband, Kerry (USMA ’70), in construction and real estate law and litigation. Kathleen has taught numerous seminars on law and business topics.
Kathleen and her husband live outside Seattle, Washington. They enjoy world travel for work and pleasure, sometimes with their two adult daughters. Together they work throughout the world promoting alternative dispute resolution and effective multi-cultural communication.