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NCEA Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend NCEA?

Plebes, Yearlings, and Cows are invited to apply to be Cadet Delegates to the NCEA conference.  First Class Cadet are invited to engage the Cadet Leadership Committee to inquire about serving as Cadet Facilitators


Where is the conference?

The conference will occur in Jefferson Library, Ike Hall, and the West Point Club at West Point. 


What are the conference dates?

NCEA begins on 3 February with training for the faculty and Cadet facilitators.  The conference opening ceremony is on 4 February, and the conference closes with an outbrief to Academy leadership from the Cadets in attendance on 5 February.  A formal banquet will close the conference on the evening of 5 February.


Why should I apply to attend NCEA?

The Superintendent has given Cadets a unique chance to (1) examine what inspires honorable living and building trust at the Academy, (2) identify obstacles to inspiring honorable living and building trust, and (3) provide recommendations for improving the West Point experience.  Any Cadet who is interested in improving West Point and in leaving a legacy in the Long Grey Line should attend. 


How do I apply to attend NCEA?

An online application will become available to Cadets on November 18.  A link to this application will be distributed to the Corps through email, an announcement from the Poop Deck, and announcements on the Mess Hall screen beginning November 18.  The application deadline will close on December 6th.  The Cadet Leadership Committee will select attendees and notify all Cadets of the decisions of Cadet Delegates by 8 January 2014


Why is this NCEA internal to West Point?

This year’s NCEA is internal to West Point for two principal reasons.  First, the focus of this conference is to inspire honorable living and building trust within the Corps of Cadets.  The West Point-centric focus lends this conference to an internal model.  Second, constraints place on West Point regarding conferences, and travel added to the decision to hold an internal conference. 


Who supports NCEA?

NCEA is supported by the NCEA Cadet Leadership Committee with the guidance of the Simon Center and the generous financial support of the Class of 1970. 


Is NCEA all work and no play?

No. The delegates will have several chances to gather in a social atmosphere.



Hosted by The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic
and sponsored by the West Point Class of 1970