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SCPME Headlines
SCPME hosts Battle Command Conference 24-26 April 2012
SCPME will once again host the Battle Command Conference (BCC) at West Point on 24-26 April of 2012. The objective of the conference is to inspire graduating USMA and ROTC cadets with the knowledge and experience of combat veteran Officers and NCOs.
Mr. Eric Alexander to return as a Guest Speaker for PME2
SCPME welcomes the return of Mr. Eric Alexander to West Point for the PME2 class 4-4: Trustworthiness and Teamwork.
2011 NCEA Conference sponsored by the Class of 1970
SCPME hosted the NCEA Conference on Ethics in America in October of 2011 at the West Point Military Academy. Over 90 schools and universities registered their institutions and over 200 delegates attended this year's conference. For more information please visit!
The Respect Program ensured a healthy command climate
The Respect Program has a primary focus on character development and the USMA uses the program to engender a professional attitude that encompasses every aspect of a cadet.
The Honor Program provides an ethical standard for all cadets
"A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do". These words are the cornerstone of the United States Military Academy's foundation.
PME2 is designed to reinforce current academy programs
The purpose of Professional Military Ethic Education is to provide cadet instruction focused on reinforcing the Cadet Leadership Development System outcome goals.