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Class of 1968 Professional Military Ethic Participation
Friday, 05 DEC 2014
Developed at West Point, the Affiliate Teaching Class Participation is a method for developing leaders as part of a profession-wide effort to improve learning and leader development—to make them more context-based, collaborative, and problem-centered.
The session engages participants in an actual leadership experiance. In the PME2 course, Army professionals with varying levels of experience (50-year Affiliates, uniformed mentors, TACs, civilian faculty, and cadets) engage with each other in small-group conversations about the leadership experiance to enhance their understanding of ethical leadership.
Participants learn not only from the content and conversation about the scenarios, but also from the participation process itself, which highlights the learning value of engaging in meaningful conversations about real problems with our fellow professionals.
The Class of 1968 PME2 Participation  
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