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22-25 April 2014 (22 and 25 April are travel days)

The culmination event for the USMA capstone core course on Officership is our 17th annual Mission Command Conference to inspire graduating USMA, USNA, and ROTC Cadets to selflessly lead with character and honor, within a framework of mission command principles (ADRP 6.0).  Originally conceived and executed by the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic’s (SCPME) senior mentor, GEN (Ret) Fred Franks, the conference represents an opportunity to expose First Class Cadets from multiple commissioning sources to a wide variety of exceptional officers and non-commissioned officers from the operational force.   

This year’s conference dates are 22-25 April 2014 (22 & 25 April serve as travel days).  Following a day of Mentor training activities on Day 1 (23 April), the USMA and invited ROTC/USNA Cadets and Midshipmen engage in a series of Leader-to-Leader Challenges, panel presentations (Mission Command; Regional Alignment), and small group discussions on Day 2 (24 April).  The end state of the conference is that soon-to-be commissioned Cadets and Midshipmen are excited to become officers, are focused on their commissioning and their future responsibilities, and are prepared to serve selflessly with character and honor.  

This year’s conference theme is “Building Trust in Today’s Army” and the keynote speaker is LTG Robert Brown (CAC Commander).  

The conference attempts to invite a wide diversity (branch, gender, and ethnicity) of operational leaders from units who have recently re-deployed (36 x PL-PSG and CO-1SG pairs) to serve as Mentors to approximately 1050 West Point Cadets from the Class of 2014, 80 senior ROTC Cadets from across the nation, and 20 graduating Navy Midshipmen (branching Marines).   The United States Military Academy and SCPME host the conference and provide all funding for the invited operational guests.  This conference has been approved by the USMA chain of command and meets the newly established Army Conference guidelines as a solely gift-funded event.

The Mission Command Conference is a closed event and not open to the general public.