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REAL Cadets Host Ethics Workshop, Competition in Detroit

Article from the West Point Association of Graduation

REAL Club goes to Detroit11/28/12 DETROIT -- The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic (SCPME) and the West Point Society of Michigan (WPSMI) hosted the West Point Leadership and Ethics Workshop for students in the Detroit Area on October 19. Eighteen Respect Ethics and Leadership (REAL) cadets shared their leadership experience with 160 students in 5th through 12th grade.
The REAL Club is a cadet-run club at West Point that supports community outreach in schools across the nation. The outstanding conference performance was delivered by the following REAL Club cadets: Gabby Mangru (Leader of the West Point REAL Club); Masrur Tajwar; Duke Gee; Abigail Toth; Tim Berry (2013 Class President); Kevin Whitham (Detroit's 1st Place MS Fire Team Leader); Zachary Stiles (Detroit's 1st Place HS Gold Team Leader, pictured above with his team); Ross Boston (USCC Deputy Commander); Stephanie Gross; Savannah Haden (Ethics Coin Toss Winner); Elizabeth Kim (Cadet in Charge of Detroit Trip); Havana Schmidt, Dylan Jankovich (Detroit's 2nd Place HS Black Team Leader); El Cook; Frank Chen; Virginia Phillips; Gabriel Palma (Co-Leader 1st Place MS Fire Team); and Benjamin Schiff. They were partnered with Cooley Law School students and high school mentors from last year's conference.
The students worked incredibly hard through ethical dilemmas with the objective of presenting their solution or most valuable lesson-learned to the general audience at the end of the workshop. The teams of students competed against each other with only their peers deciding the besREAL Club goes to Detroitt team presentation of the day.
The keynote speaker, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who reminded us that "everything we need to know, we learned in kindergarten," shared profound reflections about making choices for a successful life. Her dad and favorite mentor, Colonel (Ret) Cliff Worthy '53, was also in the audience.
The Dean of the Academic Board, General Timothy Trainor '83, ignited fire in the hearts of students in the team breakout rooms across the workshop venue, with the greatest impact on the 5th and 6th graders in the STEM workshop, led by Dr. Donald Outing and Dr. Kendall Williams of the West Point Math Department's CLDS.





Respect, Ethics, And Leadership
Mission: To develop cadets’ and students' critical thinking, moral reasoning and values based decision making by mentoring and interacting with high school students around the country.
Vision: REAL Serves as West Point’s premier Cadet led character based strategic outreach organization for high school students.

PDF Form for REAL at New Orleans, LA
Letter for Students at New Orleans, LA
The West Point REAL Club is a Cadet-led organization which travels around the United States organizing Leadership and Ethics Conferences for outstanding high school students. During these conferences, high school students listen to a distinguished speaker followed by participation in Cadet-facilitated small group discussions. Through their interaction with Cadets, students learn about the value of ethical decision making and the impact principled leadership and ethics have on their lives. Furthermore, Cadets serve as models of sound moral and ethical character and as ambassadors of both West Point and the United States Army.
Students who participate in these conferences will gain a better understanding of the role in which values play in the development of one’s character, worldview, and self-concept. REAL conferences are NOT recruiting missions; as such all high school students, regardless of their University/College plans, are encouraged to attend the conferences. The Cadets will provide the students with a model for values based decision making, grounded in the values which they have inculcated during their West Point experience, and which can be applied to the student’s everyday life.
While the high school students are the primary audience for these conferences, the Cadets learn a lot about themselves as well. In leading the small group discussions Cadets receive valuable practice in public speaking and small organization leadership. The Cadets are placed in the charge of 10-15 young adults, perhaps only 2 years their junior, and are responsible for promoting intelligent dialogue, explaining their value set and its influence in their personal experience. Lastly, placed in such an auspicious light, the Cadets cannot simply speak about moral and ethical behavior but must also act as role models for their students and hold to the highest standard of their motto “Duty, Honor, Country.”
If you are a high school student and would like to sign up for the 2012 and 2013 REAL conferences, contact CPT Linda Wade.  We have 120 seats for REAL events. An application is required and you will be contact if selected.