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The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic : The Class of 1970 NCEA Fall 2014

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think
critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
 The Class of 1970 National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA) is hosted annually by the William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic (SCPME) and the USMA Class of 1970. Each year the NCEA serves as a venue for USMA Cadets and ROTC undergraduates from across the nation to convene in order to discuss moral and ethical issues that are salient to character development in their institutions.  The venue serves to empower these young leaders to spearhead developmental discussion upon their return.

 2014 NCEA

COL Scott Halstead, Director of the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic, opens the October 2014 NCEA Conference. Mr. Barry Rellaford, on behalf of FranklinCovey©, speaks to the concept of “The Speed of Trust” in business and in leadership. Mr. Barry Rellaford speaks to USMA Cadets about how important building trust is in their future roles as Army leaders.  Dr. Rachel Maddow, political analyst for MSNBC and author of Drift, speaks at the 2014 NCEA on the importance of civilian-military relationship building. A Cadet asks Rachel Maddow about how to best increase trust and reliability between civilian and military leadership. Cadets speak to Rachel Maddow at her Drift book signing following the morning’s session. Dr. Clint Longenecker, professor at the University of Toledo, motivational speaker and author of the book The Two Minute Drill, speaks about how to avoid leadership derailment caused by personal temptations. 2014 October NCEA Conference. The audiance offers potential questions and answers during the interactive session with Dr. Longenecker on how leaders might fail. Dr. Longenecker offers preventative solutions to leadership failures caused by giving in to temptation. A Cadet asks questions regarding leadership development and responsibility during the October 2014 NCEA. USMA Cadets and ROTC undergraduates, from across the United States and internationally, reflect on and discuss the implications of the topics presented during the 2014 NCEA.
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