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SCUBA : About

The USMA SCUBA Club was established in ?????? by ###### of cadets interested in creating the opportunity for the Corps to get a basic open water SCUBA certification.

How we choose team members:
Each fall, permanent club members run a rigorous tryout process for potential permanent members of the SCUBA Club. Of the 40+ candidates that attempt the tryout, only four or five cadets are chosen to become permanent and expertly trained members of the club. Permanent members are trained on a strict schedule that leads to certification as a NAUI Instructor at the end of their third year. It is those instructors that enable the Corps to receive any or all the certifications listed below.

Courses Offered:

NAUI Basic Open Water: The most popular course offered by the USMA SCUBA Club, this course certifies any driver to complete dives up to 60ft as a recreational SCUBA Diver. The course involves attending 4 classroom sessions, 2 pool sessions, and a weekend at Dutch Springs to complete certification.

NAUI Advanced Diver: Another popular course, this certification course requires only 2 classroom sessions and 1 pool session as a refresher before going to Dutch Springs or the Spring Break trip to complete the required advanced dives.

Drysuit: Popular in chiller climates (such as New York!), this requires only 1 classroom session and 1 local dive.

Nitrox: Only 1 classroom session and 2 dives required for this course.

Master Diver: This is a time-consuming course and offered only to those serious about their diving. Candidates will be screened for suitability and must have approval from the SCUBA Club permanent members to begin training.

Rescue Diver: Another time-consuming course offered only to those serious about their diving, this also requires screening and approval from the SCUBA Club permanent members to begin training.