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Cadet Staff SCUSA 68 
Command Team

Name: Lukas Miniutti
SCUSA Position: Commander
Class: 2017     
Major: International Relations
What I Like About SCUSA: I value the SCUSA experience for its academically and professionally challenging nature. On the academic side, for those involved in the actual execution of the SCUSA, the most striking aspect of the conference is just how tremendously brilliant are our civilian counterparts. At USMA, it is easy to become isolated from many of the thought-provoking topics that SCUSA covers. Professionally, SCUSA is an opportunity for the Cadet Staff to plan an internationally recognized conference for the nation’s top students in political science. 

CHAMBERS - 8x10.jpg

Name: Taylor Chambers
SCUSA Position: Chief of Staff
Class: 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering with a Grand Strategies minor
What I Like About SCUSA: It is a great opportunity for different groups of people to come together. The planning process brings together a diverse group of cadets and officers that has allowed me to grow as a person. The conference itself is so good at bringing together the civilian and military worlds to learn more about each other and how the other one thinks.  This conference has expanded my ability to think in new and creative ways about current events unlike any experience.

PARKER - 8x10.jpg

Name: Collin J. Parker
SCUSA Position: Command Sergeant Major
Class: 2017
Major: Management
What I Like About SCUSA: I enjoy the opportunity to engage with and learn from our civilian and ROTC counterparts while showcasing what West Point has to offer.
Primary Staff

CROWDER - 8x10.jpg

Name: Keaton Crowder
SCUSA Position: Personnel and Registration Officer    
Class: 2018
Major: Engineering Psychology with a Counterterrorism minor
What I Like About SCUSA: I like SCUSA because people with different views on contemporary politics are able to come together in an accepting academic environment. This interaction is what ultimately leads to more informed leaders and organizations.
WALLACE - 8x10.jpg

Name: Clinton “BJ” Wallace
SCUSA Position: Security Officer
Class: 2017
Major: Psychology
What I Like About SCUSA: I like the environment of gathering some of the brightest minds from all across the globe to discuss issues that our generation will face in the near future.

MICHELL - 8x10.jpg

Name: André Michell
SCUSA Position: Operations Officer
Class: 2018
Major: Computer Science
What I like about SCUSA:   By bringing together a diverse group every year for over the past 60 years, SCUSA has established a reputation for preparing participants to be effective global leaders as we move forward an uncertain future.  In a program like SCUSA the United States Military Academy extends its influence beyond cadets and reaches out to develop and mold the next generation of world leaders looking to serve their nation's and the global community.
WALKER - 8x10.jpg

Name: Christopher Walker
SCUSA Position: Supply Officer
Class: 2017
Major: International History with focus in Soviet Russia
What I Like About SCUSA:  The opportunities to interact with my peers across the nation, embracing the different perspectives that are found in our country
BENTLEY - 8x10.jpg

Name: Preston Bentley
SCUSA Position: Public Affairs Officer
Class: 2017
Major: Geospatial Information Science
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite part of SCUSA is that we are able to bring students from all over the country and the world together to discuss the issues of our day. This also opens up a unique avenue for civil-military engagement to foster trust and understanding across the growing divide we face. I particularly enjoy working on staff because of the high level of responsibility and satisfaction that comes with running this conference.

WILLIAMS - 8x10.jpg

Name: Grant Williams
SCUSA Position: Information Systems Officer
Class: 2019
Major: American History & Spanish
What I Like About SCUSA: Working with SCUSA is one of the best opportunities at West Point to practice staff work before graduation. Additionally, by reaching out to the top colleges in the country, SCUSA helps to bridge the civil-military gap. This outreach is critical to building and maintaining trust between civilian and military leaders.

McCLOY - 8x10.jpg
Name: Collin P. McCloy
SCUSA Position: CPOC Coordinator
Class: 2017
Major: Chemistry with a Terrorism Studies Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA is the time for me to explore outside of my major. We have the opportunity to explore big questions that many of our peers never really consider. At the same time, you’re meeting and working with some of the highest achieving colleges across the country who challenge you to examine problems in new ways. In the end, we are all looking for a solution to whatever problem we’re tackling, and the people who come to SCUSA are incredibly supportive of each other in doing so.

GRISWOLD - 8x10.jpg

Name: Rebecca Griswold
SCUSA Position: Task Force Commander
Class: 2018
Major: Economics
What I Like About SCUSA: This conference provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between future military leaders and future civilian leaders of the world. It is a unique experience that facilitates building relationships and establishing connections that will last a lifetime.


GRAY - 8x10.jpg 

Name:  Rebecca Gray
SCUSA Position: Transportation Coordinator
Class: 2018     
Major: Engineering Psychology
What I Like About SCUSA: I love SCUSA because it brings a diverse body of students together. I have learned a lot through round table discussions.