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Cadet Staff SCUSA 67 
Command Team

Name: Genna Gibbons
Class: 2016
Major: International History with a Grand Strategy Minor
SCUSA Position: Commander
What I like about SCUSA:   My favorite part of the conference is it’s interdisciplinary nature.  It’s amazing to see so many talented groups of people from all intellectual backgrounds coming together to discuss and “solve” global issues.

Name: Regina Parker
Class: 2016
Major: Biomechanical Engineering and American Politics
SCUSA Position: Chief of Staff
What I like about SCUSA: It is an honor to meet exceptional students from around the world who share an interest in policy and international affairs. I also appreciate the opportunity to improve my leadership skills through working with cadets at West Point to plan and execute the conference.


Name: Aron Ochsner
Class: 2016
Major: International Relations
SCUSA Position: Command Sergeant Major
What I like about SCUSA:   I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with civilian delegates, in one of the few major chances to do so at West Point. I also believe this is one of the best replications of staff work at West Point which gives Cadets a chance to excel and get a chance to practice staff work here at the Academy before graduation.  
Primary Staff

Name: Emily Weiher
Class: 2018
Major: Economics and Russian
SCUSA Position: Personnel and Registration Officer
What I like about SCUSA: During my short time in SCUSA I have had the opportunity to meet a variety of college students and cadets that have formed relationships based on a mutual desire to make a difference. Also, the real life experience and knowledge I’ve gained while working a staff job is incomparable with any other WP club. 
Name: James Campbell
Class: 2016
Major: Environmental Geography
SCUSA Position: Security Officer
What I like about SCUSA: As the United States Military transitions to peacetime, the relations between civilians and military is critical.  SCUSA allows future members of the military to initiate relationships with college students projected to achieve a high position in the civilian world.
Name: Daniel Reape
Class: 2017
Major: Arabic
SCUSA Position: Operations Officer
What I like about SCUSA:   I love how SCUSA brings so many different people together to talk about relevant topics to the US. SCUSA is a great place for meeting fellow civilian college students who could be good contacts to have in the civilian world.
Name: Leo Mahony 
Class: 2016
Major: International History
SCUSA Position: Supply Officer
What I like about SCUSA:   Aside from offering a unique opportunity to interact with peers from around the country and other nations entirely, SCUSA is a tremendous opportunity to practice staff skills. It’s rare to have an opportunity to be a part of making such a prestigious event run smoothly, and it is a great reward to watch.
Name: Kieran J. McMahon
Class: 2016
Major: Defense and Strategic Studies
SCUSA Position: Public Affairs Officer
What I like about SCUSA:   SCUSA provides an indelible opportunity to further bridge the civil-military divide. In the constant struggle to determine what is just in our society,  exposure to alternative approaches to thinking is critical to finding sustainable, ‘smart power’ solutions to achieve national and international objectives.


Name: André Michell
Class: 2018
Major: Computer Science
SCUSA Position: Information Systems Officer
What I like about SCUSA:   By bringing together a diverse group every year for over the past 60 years, SCUSA has established a reputation for preparing participants to be effective leaders worldwide as we move forward into the future.  In a program like SCUSA the United States Military Academy extends its influence beyond cadets and reaches out to develop and mold the next generation of world leaders looking to serve their nation's and the global community.
Name: Taylor Chambers
Class: 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering
SCUSA Position: CPOC Coordinator
What I like about SCUSA:   I tend to get caught up in the daily routine of West Point, and sometimes I neglect to connect with student and situations happening outside of the gates. SCUSA allows cadets and students to not only come together to see how the other one lives, but also to discuss current events that profoundly affect all of us. I truly believe SCUSA reminds cadets of the people we will one day serve and teaches us to be better officers through meaningful discussion.


Name: Sam Speer
Class: 2016
Major: Systems Engineering
SCUSA Position: Task Force Commander
What I like about SCUSA:   Throwing different people with similar interests together in ways that spark incredible thought and creativity that results in an incredible outcome. SCUSA sets you up for success is so many ways, and helps you make the contacts and gain the social and academic experiences that will aid you for the future. It is one of the best leadership experiences I’ve had the Academy and has given me a chance to meet people who currently do, or will one day, change the world.




Name: Preston Bentley
Class: 2017
Major: Geospatial Information Science
SCUSA Position: Transportation Co-Coordinator
What I like about SCUSA:   Logistics, vans, spreadsheets, maps, The TOC Lifestyle™.
Name: Gregory Momberger
Class: 2017
Major: Geospatial Information Science
SCUSA Position: Transportation Coordinator
What I like about SCUSA:   I enjoy working the logistics side of the conference. Working with SCUSA transportation has been one of the few things I have done at West Point that has prepared me for my future army career.  I also love dealing with the problems that inevitably come up; they make for great stories.