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Conference Theme: "Confronting Inequality: Wealth, Rights, and Power"

Theme Paper: SCUSA 67 Conference Theme Paper.pdfSCUSA 67 Conference Theme Paper.pdf

Recent decades have witnessed a dramatic and seemingly-inexorable increase in global wealth, health, and political participation.  Most have benefited from these developments.  Some have benefited considerably more than others.  As a result, "inequality" has become a watchword among policymakers, academics, activists, and revolutionaries.  The 67th Student Conference on U.S. Affairs confronts inequality in all of its forms.  We challenge students to consider how inequality, in all its manifestations, influences US foreign Policy.  Which inequalities are likely to increase and which might decrease as global development proceeds?  Are some forms of inequality inevitable or justifiable, and do any serve U.S. national interests?   How should U.S. foreign policy respond to an increasingly prosperous world in which material wealth is unequally distributed?