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Round Tables
Biographies of all the Co-Chairs: Co-Chair Bios.pdfCo-Chair Bios.pdf
The recommended readings are located at the end of each table paper.
 After Genocide: Rwanda, and the African Future
SCUSA 66 - Africa and Genocide.pdfSCUSA 66 - Africa and Genocide.pdf
Co-Chairs: Mr. EJ Hogendoorn
Table Mentor: MAJ Bonnie Kovatch
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The Persian Bomb: Prospects for a Nuclear Middle East
​Co-Chairs: Dr. Carla Anne Robbins, Mr. Nima Gerami
Table Mentor: MAJ Brian Forester
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 What Hath America Wrought? Post-Occupation Instabilities in Afganistan and Iraq
SCUSA 66 - Middle East.pdfSCUSA 66 - Middle East.pdf
Co-Chairs: Amb. Barbara Bodine, MAJ Mark Lehenbauer
Table Mentor: MAJ Aaron Miller
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 Tiananmen Take Two: Prospects for Democratization in China
SCUSA 66 - China.pdfSCUSA 66 - China.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Tom Bickford, Dr. Yuhua Wang
Table Mentor: MAJ Robert Chamberlain
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 The Soldier and the Narco-State: Cartels, Federales, and the Future of Latin America
SCUSA 66 - Latin America.pdfSCUSA 66 - Latin America.pdf
Co-Chairs: LTC Castro, Mr. Benoit Gomis
​Table Mentor: MAJ Charlie Lewis
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Russia Gone Rogue: The Fate of Ukraine and the Limits of Global Integration
SCUSA 66 - Russia.pdfSCUSA 66 - Russia.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Peter Rutland, Dr. Samual Charap
Table Mentor: Dr. Thom Sherlock
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Breaking up is Hard to Do: Envisioning European Disunion
SCUSA 66 - Europe.pdfSCUSA 66 - Europe.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Sarwar Kashmeiri, Dr. Margaret Crosby Arnold
Table Mentor: MAJ Seth Johnston
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The Next Great Recession: Lessons Learned from the Crash of 2008
Co-Chairs: Mr. Jan Voigts, Ms. Nancy Duong
Table Mentor: Dr. Dean Dudley
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Globe, Warmed: Coping with a Hotter Planet
Co-Chairs: Dr. Virginia Burkett, Dr. Marie Johnson
Table Mentor: Dr. Kalkstein
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The Cold and the Dark 2014: Before and After Nuclear War
Co-Chairs: Dr. Austin Long, Mr. Paul Nelson
Table Mentor: MAJ Steve Kreeger
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Plagues, Peoples, and Power: The Globalization of Disease Control
SCUSA 66 - Pandemic.pdfSCUSA 66 - Pandemic.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Casey Chosewood
Table Mentor: Dr. Jon Malinowski
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The Fukushiman Future: Environmental Catastrophe and the Limits of National Power
SCUSA 66 - Fukushima.pdfSCUSA 66 - Fukushima.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Takafumi Ohtomo, Mr. Ken Brockman
Table Mentor: MAJ Nate Strickland
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After the Cyber Pearl Harbor: Vulnerability and Resiliency in a Networked World
SCUSA 66 - Cyber.pdfSCUSA 66 - Cyber.pdf
Co-Chairs: Mr. Chris Spirito, Dr. Chris Bronk
Table Mentor: Dr. Aaron Brantly
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Coups and Constitutions: Military Power and Civilian Control in the Developing World
SCUSA 66 - Civ-Mil.pdfSCUSA 66 - Civ-Mil.pdf
Co-Chairs: Dr. Jonathan Powell, Dr. Richard Hoffman
Table Mentor: CPT (P) Kevin Krupski
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Imagining the Worst Case: Aliens, Zombies, and Popular Preparedness
Co-Chairs: Daniel Drezner, Sheree Renne Thomas
Table Mentor: MAJ Sean Case
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