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Round Tables
Co-Chair Biographies:  SCUSA 67 Co-Chair Bios
Student Round Table Papers: SCUSA67_CompiledPapers_13NOV.pdfSCUSA67_CompiledPapers_13NOV.pdf
1.   North America - Separate but Unequal?
Separate but Unequal: Do Race, Gender and Class Still Matter?”

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Valeria Sinclair-Chapman,  Dr. Paul Solman

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 145

Table Mentor: Major Nathan Strickland
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2.   South American Inequality.
“Inequality in Latin America.”

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Virginia M. Bouvier,  Major Enio Magalhães  (Brazilian Army)

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 301
Table Mentor: Major Patrick Kriz
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3.   Europe - Common Defense, Disjointed Security.
“Common Defense, Disjointed Security: Exploring European Threat, Defense Policy, and Capacity Inequalities.”
Table Paper: Europe - Collective Defense, Disjointed Security.pdfEurope - Collective Defense, Disjointed Security.pdf

Co-Chairs: Dr. Margaret Crosby-Arnold,  Ambassador (Ret.) Lawrence Butler  

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, Haig Room
Table Mentor: Major Thomas Burns
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4.   Russia - The Bear's Matryoshka.
The Bear's Matryoshka: Power, Democracy, Equality and Decline.
Table Paper: Russia - The Bear’s Matryoshka.pdfRussia - The Bear’s Matryoshka.pdf

Co-Chairs: Dr. Aaron Brantly,  Dr. Nikolas K. Gvosdev  

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 513
Table Mentor: Dr. Aaron Brantly
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5.   Middle East - The Gamble of Democracy.
“The Gamble of Democracy:  The Popularity of Political Islam and What it Means for Middle Eastern Women.”
Table Paper: Middle East - The Gamble of Democracy.pdfMiddle East - The Gamble of Democracy.pdf

Co-Chairs: Dr. Valentine M. Moghadam,  Commander Robert Steltenpohl (US Navy)

Table Location: Thayer Hall, Mr. Krasnoborski Room (TH160)
​Table Mentor: Captain John Couch
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6.   Africa - The Inverse Care Law.
The Inverse Care Law: Inequity in Health Status and Access to Health Care in Africa.”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo,  Dr. James Hentz

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 514
Table Mentor: Major Bonnie Kovatch
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7.   China - A Different Rebalance.
“A Different Rebalance: Confronting Destabilizing Inequalities in the People's Republic of China.”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Ming Xia,  Major Ryan Sullivan  

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 501
Table Mentor: Major Mary McGovney
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8.   Asymmetric Warfare - Go Goliath!
Go Goliath! America, Light Footprints, and the Challenge of Asymmetric Warfare.”

Co-Chairs:  Dr. Ivan Arreguin-Toft,  Colonel (Ret.) Johnny Brooks

Table Location: Lincoln Hall, CTC Conference Room
Table Mentor: Major Cole Pinheiro
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9.   Cyber Warfare - Cooperation Under the Cybersecurity Dilemma.
“Cooperation Under the Cybersecurity Dilemma.”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Andrew L. Ross, Dr. Martin Libicki  

Table Location: Thayer Hall, EECS Conference Room (TH1126)
Table Mentor: Major Shawn Lonergan
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10.   Global Economic Inequality. 
“The Economic, Political, and Social Implications of International Trade on Equality.”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Nick Galasso, Major Riley Post

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 401
Table Mentor: Dr. Dean Dudley
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11.   Climate Change - Let Them Eat Carbon Credits!
“Let Them Eat Carbon Credits: The Outsized Effects of Climate Change on the Global Poor, and the Exploitation of Efforts to Balance the Scale.”
Table Paper: Climate Change.pdfClimate Change.pdf

Co-Chairs: Dr. Ruth Greenspan Bell,  Dr. Ann Florini  

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 103
Table Mentor: Major Corbett Baxter
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12.   Democratization - The Uneven Spread of Democracy.
“The Uneven Spread of Democracy: An Assessment of Global Trends.”

Co-Chairs: Dr. Markus M. L. Crepaz,  Mr. Scott Mastic

Table Location: Thayer Hall, ELDT Conference Room (TH352)
Table Mentor: Dr. Thomas Sherlock
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13.   Responsibility to Protect - The Challenges of Intervention.
The Responsibility to Protect: Perspectives and Political Challenges of Intervention.” 

Co-Chairs: Ms. Bridget Moix,  Mr. Sarwar A. Kashmeri  

Table Location: Thayer Hall, Clausewitz Library
Table Mentor: Major Chad Fitzgerald
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14.   Civil-Military Relations - The Military as a Mirror?
“The Military as a Mirror: Should the Military be Representative of American Society?”

Co-Chairs: Mr. Richard HoffmanColonel (Ret) Don Snider, PhD

Table Location: Lincoln Hall, SOSH Conference Room
Table Mentor: Major Thomas Garner
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 15.   Demographics - Of Populations and Power.
"Of Populations and Power: Demography, the Rise of the BRICs, and U.S. National Security."

Co-Chairs: Dr. Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue,   Colonel (Ret) William Raymond, PhD 

Table Location: Jefferson Hall, 423
Table Mentor: Dr. Hugh Liebert
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Round Tables

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Europe
  4. Russia
  5. Middle East
  6. Africa
  7. China
  8. Asymmetric Warfare
  9. Cyber Warfare
  10. Global Economic Inequality
  11. Climate Change & Environmental Degradation
  12. Democratization
  13. Responsibility to Protect/ Intervention
  14. Civil-Military Relations
  15. Demographics